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3 Slices 2 Controls

The mouse is used to control 3 Slices 2. Click and drag to cut blocks.

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3 Slices 2 Walkthrough

Seven ate nine. Three slices two. Why can't numbers just get along? Actually, 3 Slices 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed physics game, 3 Slices. This puzzle game may not sport new graphics or gameplay, but does feature twenty-five new levels that are more challenging than those of its predecessor.

The objective of 3 Slices 2 is to remove the quota percentage or more of the colored shapes from the screen. You are allowed to cut the shapes on the screen three times to accomplish this goal. If you meet the quota after three slices (or remove one hundred percent of the colored shapes), then you will be able to advance to the next level of this puzzle game. If you fail to reach the quota after three slices, however, you will fail and have to retry the level. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

The mouse is the only control device used by 3 Slices 2. Click and drag the mouse to cut lines through the shapes. After you have made your slices, the powers of physics will do the rest. Most shapes are affected by the force of gravity, but blue shapes rise. Since you have no direct control over the movement of shapes in this puzzle game, you will have to make your slices carefully, such as slicing through shapes to make slopes, causing part of the shape or shapes resting on top of the to fall or slicing shapes to lower their mass and allow blue shapes to rise off of the screen.

At times, 3 Slices 2 plays more like an expansion to the original 3 Slices rather than a full sequel since the graphics remain the same, and the gameplay has not changed much, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. This puzzle game is proof that sequels do not need sparking new graphics or drastic changes, and does what a sequel should do: give fans of the original more of what they like! If you played and enjoyed the first 3 Slices, then you will appreciate 3 Slices 2!