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Achievement Unlocked Controls

Achievement Unlocked is controlled by using the keyboard. Move the elephant by using the arrow keys.

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Achievement Unlocked Walkthrough

Achievement Unlocked is the second game by jmtb02 featuring his famous blue elephant (the first being Elephant Rave). Achievement Unlocked features simple graphics, nifty polka background music, and ninety-nine achievements to unlock.

Achievement Unlocked plays like a platforming game. Move your elephant by using the arrow keys. There are other controls that may help in this puzzle game, but I'll let you figure those out for yourself. This game parodies the recent trend of including achievements in games. The objective is to unlock all ninety-nine of the achievements. There is no need to worry about time limits or lives in this puzzle game (in fact, one of the achievements requires your elephant to die a number of times). Your progress is not saved in this puzzle game, so you will have to start from the beginning if you decide to end your gameplay session.

The majority of the achievements in Achievement Unlocked are rudimentary and will be accomplished without putting much thought into it. Some achievements, such as the preloading achievement, will be taken care of by default. There are other achievements that can be unlocked from the menu before entering the actual game. Once you have entered the game, use the list of achievements to the right of the screen to find out what you need to do. Use the scrollbar to view the entire list of achievements featured in this puzzle game (doing so is an achievement in itself, by the way).

Achievement Unlocked may not appeal to hardcore fans of puzzle games, but it was not designed to be an extremely-challenging gameplay experience, but a parody game. Casual gamers as well as gamers that enjoy a good joke will have fun with Achievement Unlocked. See if you can unlock all ninety-nine achievements in this addictive puzzle game!