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Achievement Unlocked 2 Controls

Achievement Unlocked 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. Move the elephant by using the arrow keys or the WASD keys.

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Achievement Unlocked 2 Walkthrough

Achievement Unlocked 2 is the sequel to jmtb02's critically-acclaimed casual game, Achievement Unlocked. Achievement Unlocked 2 features the same style of gameplay that made its predecessor a hit along with a timed gameplay mode and two hundred fifty new achievements to unlock!

Like its predecessor, Achievement Unlocked 2 pokes fun at modern gaming, particularly gameplay achievements. This puzzle game also pokes fun at expansion packs and other elements featured in recent video games. The objective of Achievement Unlocked 2 is to unlock all two hundred fifty achievements. A list of achievements is given to the right of the screen. Unlike in the first Achievement Unlocked, your progress is saved in this puzzle game, so you will not have to start from scratch if you decide to come back later after ending your session.

Achievement Unlocked uses the same keyboard controls as its predecessor. Pressing the spacebar unlocks an achievement and spews a pastry from your elephant (eating the pastry is also an achievement). Your elephant is allowed to die an unlimited number of times without penalty as was the case in the first Achievement unlocked. Once again, some achievements depend on your elephant dying, so be brave and plunge into spikes for great justice!

This puzzle game also pokes fun at the popularity that expansion packs have enjoyed in recent years. Collect coins to earn money and use the money to purchase expansions from the shop. To get to the shop, go to the bottom-most level and move to the bottom-right of the screen. Once an expansion has been bought, an additional level will be added to the game. To get to new levels, take the "elevator" on the right side of the screen. There are five expansions in total.

Achievement Unlocked 2 is an outstanding sequel to the first game and delivers more of the same charming humor and addictive casual gameplay that made its predecessor a hit. If you enjoyed the first Achievement Unlocked, then you are sure to enjoy Achievement Unlocked 2!