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Use the mouse and left mouse button to select and route planes.

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Airport Mania: First Flight is an excellent online puzzle game that challenges you to route planes so they drop their passengers off in time and then get back in the sky. In the beginning of the game you have two runways and two gates and you will need to use both of those runways and gates to get your passengers to their destinations. The game is fairly basic and the online version is a bit limited, but it's still a lot of fun and will keep you entertained. This is a great game to kill a little time with but if you're looking for a good challenge that will keep you guessing, you may way to consider another game.

A great benefit of Airport Mania: First Flight is the fun graphics. The graphics are among the best of any of the online puzzle games and will definitely keep you entertained. A lot of work has obviously gone into making this game look nice. The instructions can be a bit hard to understand, especially if you aren't used to playing puzzle games online, but once you play for a while, you'll understand what is being asked of you. Basically, the goal is to get the planes to land on the runway and then to the gate as quickly as possible. If you get your passengers to the gate early, you get a great bonus. If you get the passengers there late, you still get points for getting them there at all, but not as many as you would get if they arrived early. If you take too long, though, planes will move on and you not only won't get any points for that plane, but you'll actually lose 750 points from your score. That is obviously something you don't want.

In Airport Mania: First Flight, the rules are fairly easy, but they may take a little getting used to. The controls are basically the same point and click controls you would use for most other online puzzle games, but even experienced puzzle game players may have a hard time understanding what, exactly, is being asked of them. To begin, you click on one of the planes in the air, click on a runway then click on the gate. The gates are the buildings at the top of the screen. Click on the gate again when you're able to so the passengers will depart the plane. Give it a moment or two and then click on the runway again so the plane can depart. If there is already a plane on the runway, the two planes will swap places; the plane already on the runway going to the gate and the plane departing the gate going to the runway. That, basically, is how the game is played. Later in the game you will unlock more options to temporarily store planes so you can more efficiently process the planes you are bringing in for a landing which makes playing the game a little bit easier.

Unlike many other online puzzle games, Airport Mania: First Flight asks you to choose your own target goal for points. You get an additional bonus if you reach that target score which is a great way to get a high score. If you want a higher difficulty level, choose a higher target goal. The higher the goal, the harder the game.

Overall, Airport Mania: First Flight isn't the most challenging puzzle game online, but it isn't the easiest. The fun graphics make the game a lot more fun and even though it isn't all that difficult, it is still entertaining. This game is a great way to kill a little time and is easy enough that even newcomers to puzzle games will be able to pick it up. It's well worth playing even if it doesn't keep you going back for more.