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Andrew the Droid Controls

Move right using the right arrow key. Move left using the left arrow key. Jump using the up arrow key.

  • Rating: 4.44/5

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Andrew the Droid is one of the most difficult and challenging puzzle games online. With three unique worlds and twenty-five levels to navigate through, each one holding a new puzzle to solve, this game never gets boring or old. Collect gems, new skills and avoid obstacles as you try to make your way to the light that will lead you to the next level. This game is anything but easy, but it is definitely a whole lot of fun.

Andrew the Droid uses the arrow navigation controls you would expect to find in a more action oriented game as opposed to the point and click controls common in most other online puzzle games. For that reason, those who are used to point and click puzzle games might have a hard time getting the hang of the controls in this one. Once you have played a round or two, you will get used to the controls which will make playing the game much easier.

Andrew the Droid is a great game for someone who is interested in puzzle games but doesn't really have a whole lot of experience with the genre. The in game instructions provide pretty much all the information you need to know about how to play the game and how to use he additional movement options you unlock as you progress in the game. The real challenge here is to figure out how to use the new controls to progress in he game and make it through the levels. Each puzzle is more difficult than the puzzle before; especially when obstacles are introduced that can kill poor Andrew. Do your best to avoid the obstacles and make it to the light on one piece.

The best way to progress in Andrew the Droid is to pay attention to the puzzle presented to you. You are more than likely going to face more than one puzzle you don't feel you can solve, but try not to get frustrated. Take a little time to examine the puzzle and figure out the best way to approach the problem. If you have already collection additional move options such as rotating your screen either clockwise or counter clockwise, figure out if you need to use either, or both, of those options and how you should use them. Every single puzzle in this game is solvable if you take a little time to examine it and determine your best plan of action. Don't make a move until you can figure out where that move will lead you. Where will you end up if you rotate the screen? Are there obstacles there that will harm you? If you find yourself in a spot that you can't get out of, reset the level and try again. There's no time limit here, so don't rush to find the solution. Approach it with logic and common sense and you'll figure it out.

Overall, Andrew the Droid is an excellent online puzzle game that will hold you attention from beginning to end. The increasing difficulty of the puzzles and new additions to the levels keep the game feeling fresh and more importantly, challenging. This game offers something for everyone regardless of experience with the genre and is definitely worth checking out.