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Select and destroy atoms with the mouse and the left mouse button.

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AtomikKaos Walkthrough

There are twenty levels in AtomikKaos and this addictive, engrossing puzzle game is going to have you wanting to keep playing until you beat all of them. You will be challenged to find cures for all manner of problems and will be given several 'chaotic atoms' to do so. Experiment with them and do what you can to get through the levels. It sounds like it's an easy game, but it's really anything but. The rules are fairly simple; create chain reaction by clicking on the normal atoms. There are green, purple, light pink, dark pink, orange, blue and aqua atoms. Each level will have a set number of maximum experiments you can perform before you pass to the next level. For example, in level 1 you are challenged to find a cure for bad breath caused by beer (remove all of the atoms on the screen) and will have only two experiments to find that cure. It's fairly easy in this level as you only have to atoms. As you progress though, the game gets much more difficult.

When you begin a level in AtomikKaos you are shown the level you are on and the problem that you need to solve. Below that you will see the mission objective for that level. The mission objective tells you what exactly what you need to accomplish. The objective is really what you need to pay attention although the problems are pretty interesting. Once you complete the level you are told how you solved the problem. It's almost always amusing and worth taking a moment to read over. It adds a fun new dimension to the game and helps take some of the stress of this intense game off. The solutions also give you more motivation to get through the level as you'll find yourself wanting to know how, exactly you solved the problem.

The controls of AtomikKaos take a little getting used to, but as you progress in the game, you'll get the hang of it. It's your basic point and click puzzle game but it takes a little more attention to detail than most of the other point and click puzzle games online. Most puzzle games require you to click on obstacles or match pairs of three or more objects. With this game, you need to pay attention to the atoms themselves. You need to look at the symbols on the atoms. All of them have arrows on them which indicate the direction the chain reactions will travel from the atom when it explodes. For example, a dark pink atom will send a chain reaction that will travel up and down and left to right. Use these arrows to determine the best time to click on an atom to accomplish your level objective. Since there are a limited number of experiments allowed in each level, you need to be careful to make your move at the right time.

As you progress in AtomikKaos, you will be introduced to 'Special Atoms'. You can not experiment on special atoms which basically means you can't click on them to begin chain reactions, but they can be affected by your chain reaction. The first special atom you will encounter is the 'Growth' special atom. It is a green atom that does not have arrows on it. When you create a chain reaction that interacts with one of these special atoms, all of the normal atoms on the game screen will get bigger. This makes it much easier to create chain reactions. Smart Bombs are great special atoms to get. They are yellow and have a target symbol on them. When they are hit with your chain reaction, they release as many as four particles that will destroy normal atoms. As you continue on in the game, you will discover even more special particles that are even more beneficial. Use them wisely to get further in the game. Of course, not all special atoms are helpful. Read the in game instructions carefully to learn more about each special atom so you know which ones to shoot for and which ones to avoid.

Overall, AtomikKaos is one of the better online puzzle games offering a real challenge and a cute story. As you try to solve BO, solve the panda shortage and solve a waiter shortage in Hollywood created by your cure for yellow teeth, you will have fun watching how the story unfolds. This game is unique in the way it is played, but also the attention that has gone into the story. Your solutions to problems almost always solve new problems you will be challenged to overcome. This is an excellent game for any fan of puzzle games or anyone looking for a good challenge and an entertaining story.