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Ball Drop One Controls

Use the mouse to aim the ball. Hold the left mouse button to change the size of the ball. Release the left mouse button to drop the ball.

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Ball Drop One Walkthrough

Ball Drop One is perhaps one of the most simple point and click puzzle games online, but it is also one of the most addictive. With twenty-five levels to move through that increase in difficulty as you progress there is more than enough action to keep you playing level after level. The goal of the game is simple - collect as many points as you can before your ball stops bouncing or you hit a skull and cross bones ball that will end your game. As you progress in the game you will be introduced to new balls that will behave in different ways. You will get more familiar with which balls do what as you play, but if you aren't sure about what a particular color ball will do, hover your mouse over it. A brief description of that ball's special attributes will appear at the bottom of the screen. For example, white balls will turn gray when your ball bounces against them. You can then click on the gray ball to remove it from the game screen. Each gray ball you remove, however, will cost you fifteen points.

The real challenge of Ball Drop One is that unlike other puzzle games online, you have to really pay attention to what the balls in the game do as opposed to figuing out the best ways to hit them. While many puzzle games that use similar controls and follow the same basic rules, the fact that some balls disappear when you hit them, some bounce more than others and some change color makes it important to not only plan the best way to get as many balls as possible but also plan how to get the balls you need to get to increase your score. This game also offers a wealth of bonuses to help you achieve a high score and progress in the levels. If you hope to beat the game, you need to get as many points as you can. There are give worlds in all and each world has five levels in that world. If you are in world 5 on level 2, you will need to have at least 12,000 points to progress to level 3. This is a lot easier said than done. You are able to go back to previous levels and try to get a higher score. If you do beat your old high score for any given level, your new high score will count toward your overall score and move you closer to getting to the next level. The best way to advance in the game is to go back through the older levels when you get stuck and boost your score. This will get you to the next level without requiring you to spend hours on a level you can't quite get the hang of.

Along the way in Ball Drop One, you will learn a bit more about the possible bonuses you can get just by playing the game. There are height bonuses if your ball bounces higher that usual, especially if the ball bounces off the screen as well as bonuses for hitting the same type of ball multiple times in a row. You also get bonus points for the ball bouncing off of the other balls multiple times in a row. The real trick is that each black ball on the screen can only bounce 200 times before it explodes. In some of the levels, the real struggle will be getting a high score without the black ball bouncing over that 200 point. Look for additional black balls in the level. These balls will act the same way your initial black ball does; bouncing off of balls and racking up points. All of the points collected by each of the active black balls on the screen will count toward your score, so try to get as many black balls moving on the screen as you possible can. You are also given the option of trying to predict where your ball will hit and collecting a bonus if you are right. Click on the ball you expect your ball to hit. This will make that ball bonused. If your ball hits the bonused ball before the bonus runs out, you will get bonus points. If it doesn't hit the bonused ball, however, you will lose points.

In addition to the ball bonuses you can get as you play Ball Drop One, there are several in game controls you can play to try to improve your score. These controls will cost you points but the benefits they offer can be worth it. You can buy 'slow motion time' which slows down game play. This can be great for helping you get bonuses balls. Buy 'slow motion time' for 25 points by pressing 's' during game play. You can also buy 'thrust' which will thrust all of the active black calls on the screen toward your mouse pointer. This is a great option if you want to avoid skull and cross bones balls or have a little more ball control, but buying it by pressing 't' during game play will cost you 100 points so use this one sparringly. If you want to change the size of the balls on the outside of a formation, you can press 'o'. You can also change the speed of the game if you want more or less of a challenge by pressing number keys 1 through 4.

Overall, Ball Drop One is an engrossing, addictive online puzzle game that will keep you playing level after level. Remember that you can go back and replay a previous level to get a better score at any time so if you're having trouble getting the score you need on a particular level to unlock additional levels, you can go back to previous levels to help you get the points you need. This is one of the best puzzle games online and is well worth the time you'll spend playing.