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Big Time Butter Baron Controls

Big Time Butter Baron is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Place pieces on the board by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the pieces.

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Big Time Butter Baron Walkthrough

Big Time Butter Baron is a Flash puzzle game that is in some ways reminiscent of Tetris (if Tetris were presented in an isometric perspective). This puzzle game features colorful isometric graphics, simple controls, and a plethora of achievements.

The objective of Big Time Butter Baron is to ship butter pallets from the warehouse to various customers. In terms of actual gameplay, this means covering at least half of the board with butter blocks. Blocks come in various shapes, similar to the blocks in Tetris (except that not all pieces are composed of four blocks in this puzzle game). The level ends when you cannot place the next block anywhere on the stage. If you managed to fill half of the warehouse floor with butter blocks, you will advance to the next level; if you fail, the game will end. Your progress is not saved in this puzzle game, so you will have to start on level one every time that you play. Any achievements that you unlock will be saved, however, and may be viewed by clicking the button labeled "Go to Office" on the main menu.

Like in Tetris, it is important to place the pieces carefully in Big Time Butter Baron. Filling lines will not make the blocks disappear, but you will earn extra points and unlock achievements (office decorations). It is also a good idea to avoid leaving empty spaces at the end of a level. Empty spaces will be filled with junk boxes on the next level. The junk boxes block the placement of butter blocks and do not count towards the quota, thus making your job a lot harder.

It is not healthy to eat too much butter since it can make you fat, heavy, and sluggish. Playing Big Time Butter Baron, on the other hand, is great mental exercise! If you are a fan of puzzle games, then you will not want to miss Big Time Butter Baron!