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Aim your cannon with the mouse. Fire your cannon with the left mouse button. Switch between cannons using 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.05/5

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Blackbeard's Assult is a fun twist on the traditional Zuma puzzle game. Offering an interesting and engrossing story along with entertaining graphics, this game does not settle for being average. There are hundreds of games based on the popular Zuma puzzle games, but this is definitely one of the best. If you love puzzle games, you're going to love Blackbeard's Assault.

If you are a newcomers to puzzle games or have never played a Zuma style puzzle game, you may have a bit of a hard time getting used to how this game is played. Stick with it though and keep the rules of the game in mind, and you should pick it up with a little bit of practice. The basic premise is simple. You are presented with a moving line of different colored cannonballs and you need to prevent those cannonballs from getting to the x on the map. As the end of the line moves closer to the x, they will begin flaming. If the line of cannonballs gets to the x, your game is over.

To prevent the cannonballs from reaching the x, you are given a cannon loaded with different cannonballs you will fire into the moving line to eliminate some of the enemy cannonballs. In order to do this, you will need to create groups of three or more cannonballs of the same color. For example, if the cannonball shown in your cannon is blue, you need to look for a group of at least two blue cannonballs on the moving line and shoot your cannonball either in the center of that group or to the immediate left or right of the group. The group you have made will then disappear. It sounds fairly easy, but it can get quite difficult, especially as you progress in the game and the line begins moving more quickly.

The great thing about Blackbeard's assault is that you are given several power ups that make beating the levels a little bit easier. You are also given multiple cannons which are often loaded with different colored cannonballs. If you get stuck without any moves and the line is getting close to the x, you can look for moves you can make with the cannonball from one of your other cannons or use a power up. These two features aren't commonly found in most Zuma puzzle games which makes this one especially appealing. The power ups are especially useful, but use them sparingly. Unless you can collect more, which is quite difficult, you will only have one of each to use during the game. To use the power ups, you only need to click them and then click the part of the line you want to use the power up on.

The bomb power up in Blackbeard's Assault will destroy several cannonballs on the moving line. The color remover power up (the multi-colored cannonball) will destroy cannonballs of any color of your choosing on the line; all of the green balls, for example. The multi-shot power up sprays shrapnel into the line into the line and destroys any ball it hits. The chain-shot power up is quite similar to the multi-shot power up except it riccochets around the line destroying all of the balls in its path. There are also several power ups you can get while you're playing by making combinations that contain cannonballs with the appropriate symbols. The riptide power up pushed back the line and is indicated by an arrow. The anchors away power up slows the line movement and is indicated by an anchor symbol. The dead eye power up increases the speed an accuracy of your shot and is indicated by a bull's eye symbol. The bomb power up blows up the balls surrounding it and is indicated by a bomb symbol. The sea serpent power up calls a monster to help you fight off the line and is indicated by a serpent icon.

Overall, Blackbeard's Assault is a ton of fun and is definitely one of the best Zuma based puzzle games online. The power ups make the game a little bit easier without making it so simple it's not fun. As you play you'll figure out strategies that work for you and will help you get the highest possible score and maybe even beat the game. Be warned though. Once you start playing this one, you won't want to stop.