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Blockgineer Controls

Blockgineer is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Select items and place them by using the mouse. Rotate pieces by using the arrow keys.

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Blockgineer Walkthrough

Blockgineer is a puzzle game that requires ingenuity and good management skills. This physics game features easy-to-learn controls, simple graphics, and thirty-two challenging levels.

In Blockgineer, your objective is to get each ball to its like-colored goal. To meet this end, you will have to use a variety of objects to cause the balls to travel to their goals. Unlike other puzzle games, there is no set solution to any of the levels, so you will be able to exercise your creativity. The only thing that limits you is the number of build points allotted on each stage. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

In Blockgineer, you must use your mouse to place pieces. Click on the type of item that you wish to place, then click where you wish to place it on the stage. The arrow keys are used to rotate pieces before placing them. There are four types of tools that may be utilized in this puzzle game: blocks, wedges (triangles), boost arrows, and reversible boost arrows. If you wish to remove any items that you have placed, click on the red 'X', then click on the items that you wish to remove. The point values of any objects that you remove will be reimbursed to you. Keep in mind that you may only remove objects that you have placed; objects that were already present on the stage cannot be removed.

Since solutions are not given or always obvious, Blockgineer tests the ability to improvise. The number of objects than can be placed is limited by build points, so resourcefulness is also tested. The fewer points that you use, the more stars you will earn in this puzzle game. If you have completed a level, you can always try to complete it again using less pieces, possibly earning more stars.

Blockgineer is a puzzle game that gives players more freedom than most of its contemporaries. This physics game can be easy or hard, but that depends on you!