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Blockies Controls

Use the mouse and left mouse button to select and remove groups of blocks. Click and drag with the mouse and the left mouse button to activate power ups.

  • Rating: 4.14/5

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Blockies Walkthrough

Blockies is an intense, addictive online puzzle game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it until the very end. This action packed puzzle game earns the distinction of being one of the most addictive block breaking puzzle games on the internet simply because it is so different from most of the other games in this genre. It might take a little while for those used to other block breaking puzzle games to get used to the controls, but it is well worth the effort. This game is exceptional and far too much fun to be missed.

The goal of Blockies is fairly simple and isn't terrible uncommon in block breaking puzzle games. You have to remove like-colored blocks by clicking on groups of three or more as they accumulate on the bottom of the screen. As you work to remove blocks, new rows will be falling from the top of the screen. The rows fall much more quickly than they do in other games, but the way you form groups makes the game a little bit easier. This game breaks away from the typical groupings, allowing you to make much bigger combinations. Instead of only allowing you to remove blocks that are touching on at least one side, this game allows you to remove blocks that are collected diagonally as well. This creates bigger chain reactions and allows you to get far more points and remove far more blocks. Even so, the game never fails to be challenging as it is so fast moving. You need to think quick and make the best combinations possible. Be careful to avoid clicking on a block that can not be used as part of a combination. If you do, that block will turn to ice and you will need to use a power up to remove it.

The power ups in Blockies are fairly standard power ups you would find in most of the other block breaking puzzle games online, but how you use them is a bit different. You can get power ups that will blow up all the blocks surrounding it (a bomb icon), remove an entire row of blocks (the double arrow pointing left and right), remove an entire column of blocks (double arrow pointing up and down), remove all of the blocks in the row and column it is placed on (quadruple arrow pointing straight up and down and left to right) or remove all of the blocks in either direction diagonally (quadruple arrow pointing in all four directions diagonally). Save these power ups as long as you can. They'll come in handy in later levels when the game play is at its fastest. The power ups available to you are shown on the right side of the game screen. To use one, click it and drag in onto the grid where it will be most beneficial.

Overall, Blockies is one of the best block breaking puzzle games online because while it is challenging, it never becomes so frustrating you won't want to continue playing. The graphics are colorful and fun and make the game a treat to play visually. It is also quite different from most of the other block breaking games online so it doesn't just feel like more of the same. This is a must play game of anyone who is looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game that will keep you on your toes and keep you entertained.