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Bloons Controls

Aim with the mouse. Hold the left mouse button to choose the strength of your shot. Release the left mouse button to throw your dart.

  • Rating: 4.18/5

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Bloons Walkthrough

Bloons is one of the most addictive point and click puzzle games online. With fifty levels of puzzles that steadily increase in difficulty, the fun graphics aren't what keeps you playing. Instead, the real fun of this game is challenging yourself to solve the puzzles and figure out how to pop the required number of balloons you need to pop to advance to the next level. With a multitude of obstacles you need to avoid to achieve your goal and other obstacles you will need to utilize to achieve your goal, this game never becomes boring or stagnant. There is always something new to keep you playing. It's engrossing. It's challenging. It's addictive. It's a lot of fun.

Bloons challenges you to pop as many balloons as you can with the darts you are given in each of the game's fifty levels, keeping in mind that darts do not carry over from level to level. There are several special balloons throughout each level that offer a variety of benefits such as balloons you can pop that will release additional darts that will pop the balloons surrounding it or balloons that give you a scatter shot of darts. These special balloons are great tools to utilize to help you reach the end of the level. In fact, most of the levels that present you with these special balloons will require you to take advantage of them if you want to reach your level goal. Getting to take advantage of these bonuses, however, isn't always easy. Often times, the special balloons are behind walls or surrounded by obstacles so you will need to figure out the best way to go about popping those special balloons to take advantage of the bonus offered. Keep in mind, you have a limited amount of darts so choose your shots carefully. If you are having trouble popping the balloons you need to pop in Bloons to progress to the next level, you can play in unlimited dart mode. If you are looking for more of a challenge, however, this is an option you should probably opt out of. The game is already incredibly challenging though so if you aren't used to point and click puzzle games or are having trouble getting the hang of the controls, you may want to consider unlimited dart mode until you get more used to the game.

Overall, Bloons is a classic point and click puzzle game that will offer a good challenge for any fan of online puzzle games regardless of experience or skill level. The graphics are fun and the puzzles are difficult. You will need to use logic and careful thinking to plan your moves if you want to make it through all fifty levels of this challenging game.