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The controls of Blosics, just like most puzzle games out there, are simple: use your mouse to aim, to charge your fire, to release it, and everything else in between. While the controls are easy to pick up, the game itself is very interesting and at times, puzzling (which is what exactly you want out of a puzzle game). Check it out...

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Blosics - one of the more popular physics-based puzzle games out in the internet, this game comes with ONLY 10 levels. Yes, you have read that right. 10 levels. BUT these levels, especially the latter ones, are anything BUT easy. Although I have found it ironic that the easiest of them all is level 10. Anyway, just to show you how brain racking it can get sometimes, this game took me 18 minutes to finish...and I also ended up with an abysmal score of - 148. YES, negative 148 and that's coming from a guy who prides himself as someone who's good at figuring out how to get things done.

The premise of the game is simple: throw the blocks off of the platform, score 100/100, move on to the next level, rinse and repeat. Nothing fancy and nothing complicated. BUT you can't say the same when you are actually playing the game. By the way, there are 2 types of blocks in the game - one is green, the other red. You earn points by tumbling the green points off of the platform. Do that for the red ones and you lose points.

So here's how you send those green blocks crashing down. See that green circle? Yeah? Cool, click anywhere on it. Hold on it to to increase the size of your ball and pull it back like a slingshot. The farther you pull back, the stronger the shot gets. Once you have achieved the ideal power for your shot, release it and rejoice as you see those green blocks tumble down. By the way, in case you have changed your mind and want to start over again, just hit the space bar to cancel the shot.

Word Of Warning: Nah! Don't even think about going trigger happy in this game. No, that won't cut it. Shooting costs points (about 4 I believe?). Abuse it and you will see your score hit rock bottom, or worse have a negative score, in no time. Now, in case after a shot, the circumstances are unfavorable, (Ex. There's no way you can sweep the other green blocks or you have eliminated all of the green blocks as well as the RED ones, leading to 0 points) you can always hit Restart at the bottom of the screen to restart the level. HOWEVER, this would also cost you points - 10 I think for every restart. This is a last-ditch effort...don't spam it!

3 Platforms: There are 3 platforms in the game that you can either use to your advantage, or hinder your progress. First, we have the stone platform. This is the the most common one and it's pretty neutral. Next, there is rubber - which is bouncy as we all know. You can use to give your shots a different direction. And the ice, it's a pretty slippery one. You want to be extra careful about hitting those red blocks on an ice platform as they tend to slip out of the platform with just a nudge.

Well, I guess that's about it. If there's anything above that doesn't make sense, play the game. It will. Being a physics-based puzzle game, this one relies a lot on experience and instinct (maybe a good and hard earned grade in physics would help).