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Blosics 2 Controls

Place ball by clicking with the left mouse button. Aim the ball using the mouse. Choose strength of your shot by dragging the mouse away from the ball. Shoot by releasing the left mouse button.

  • Rating: 4.23/5

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Blosics 2 Walkthrough

Blosics 2 is a surprisingly difficult physics based puzzle game that presents you with a platform filled with blocks and a large circular area you can shoot balls from. The goal is simple - get the number of points required to advance to the next level. The point goal for each level is shown at the top right side of the game screen. The number before the number of points you need is how many points you currently have. For example, if you need 100 points and you currently have 55 points, the figure at the top right side of your screen will show "55/100". Pretty basic stuff. The rules are pretty basic as well. Shoot balls from the circular area to remove the blocks from the platform. You are given different balls you can use, but you need to choose wisely. Each different ball costs a different amount of points. The balls you have to choose from are shown on the center of the right side of the game screen. Immediately below each ball, you will see a number indicating how many points that ball will cost. Since you start the level with no points and need to use a ball to get started, you will wind up with negative points. Don't worry. If you choose wisely, it won't take long to get those points back.

Challenges are a fun addition to Blosics 2 that increase the difficulty level, but only if you choose to pursue them. You do not have to meet the challenge presented in a level to pass that level. Beginners may want to ignore the challenges until they are more familiar with the game. Those who are experienced players of physics based puzzle games may find this one a bit too easy so the challenges are a great way to up the difficulty level and offer more of a challenge. To find out what the challenge is in any given level, simply click on the word 'Challenge' at the center of the top of the screen. You'll find all the information you need to know about the challenge here. If there is a star symbol next to the word challenge, all of the challenge requirements have been met so you should be able to complete the challenge. Completing a challenge offers a great point bonus and helps you unlock special balls you can use throughout the game. There are several different balls to unlock and as you progress in the game, new balls are introduced even without completing challenges. Use these balls wisely and you should be able to pass all thirty levels in the game. It likely won't be easy, but this is a game that can be beat with a little patience and careful thinking.

Blosics 2 allows you to reset your level if you get into trouble by clicking reset at the bottom of the game screen. Sometimes, though, resetting will cost you points. If resetting will cost you points, the number of points it costs will be shown either above or below the word 'reset'. This may be well worth it if you don't foresee yourself being able to complete the level without spending a lot of extra money on balls. It all comes down to common sense and reasoning. If resetting the level costs less than you expect to have to spend on balls and you think you can spend less on balls by resetting, you should do it. Evaluate the problem. There is no time limit so don't rush. That is probably the best way to beat this game.

Overall, Blosics 2 is an excellent puzzle game that will challenge you to use your mind to solve the problems placed before you. It isn't an easy game to beat but it is, however, possible if you're willing to use your brain. What really makes this game one of the best puzzle games online is that anyone can play it and have a chance of beating it. Beginners can play without getting frustrated if they stick to the basic game. More experienced players of physics puzzle games can try to tackle the challenges to get the level of difficulty they need to make the game interesting. The graphics are basic, but they're not boring or bland. Overall, this is a great puzzle game everyone should play at least once.