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Bloxorz Controls

Nothing fancy, nothing complicated - just pure puzzling fun. That's how it goes for most puzzle games out there and Bloxorz is not an exception. All you have to do is to move that block...or brick rather, by using the directional keys - left, up, right, and down. Onto the puzzle game!

  • Rating: 4.25/5

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Bloxorz Walkthrough

Bloxorz - this is an excellent example of a simple idea for a puzzle game that is executed with beautiful detail! The objective is simple: you should tumble that triangular block using your directional keys to that square hole at the other end. By using series of bridge opening switches, warping through teleporters, as well as using block splitting switches, you need to find your way through the different puzzles to move on to the next level. And with 33 different levels, you are sure to spend hours playing this game!

As mentioned earlier, your arrow keys are your best friend - they are for tumbling your block around the playing field. BUT here's a word of warning: do NOT let them fall off the edges. Here are a couple of stuff to keep in mind: (1) The X switch: this type of switch needs a little more weight to be pressed. So you need to stand over them using one of the block's end. (2) The round switches, on the other hand, can be easily rolled over to be triggered (3) last BUT not the least, we have the "[ ]" kind of switch. This splits your block into two. You can then independently move them from one spot to another.

These switches introduces interesting twists and turns on the tactics and techniques you can use to solve one level after the other. By the way, if you want to switch between block fragments, just press the Space Bar.

For those of you who don't have the time to finish the game in one sitting, here's the bad news: there's no feature to save games along the way. The good news is that every level gives you a password that lets you get to that level. While saving is the best way to go about it, having a password system to replace an easier interface for saving and accessing levels is MORE than welcome.

Without a doubt, Bloxorz is another masterpiece by Damien Clarke coming from DX Interactive, who developed other exceptional games like JetSpeed, Silversphere, as well as Missile Game (these are all 3D games). If you are looking for puzzle games that are addictive, engaging, and has all of the right elements (plus nice visual) then Bloxorz is a game you have to check out.