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Boombot Controls

Click with the left mouse button to place bombs. Hold the left mouse button to increase or decrease size of the bomb. Release left mouse button to detonate bomb. Press 'r' to reset the level.

  • Rating: 4.5/5

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Boombot Walkthrough

Boombot is one of the most imaginative and inventive point and click puzzle games online. The goal of the game is simple; get Boombot to the exit to progress to the next level. The game itself isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. What the game is, however, is a lot of fun and wildly addictive. The puzzles it presents are difficult and only get more difficult as the game progresses. From the very first level, you'll want to keep playing, and as the game gets harder, you'll want to play even more. The challenge to complete the puzzles is what keeps you playing. The graphics are great fun, but the focus here is all on the game play.

Boombot challenges you to use your minds and the tools you are given to solve the puzzles presented to you in each level. Basically, the goal of the game is to get Boombot to the exit by detonating bombs to push him along. You only have a set number of bombs to use though so you have to use them wisely. That's not always easy to do. You'll need to use logic and reason to figure out the best place to detonate your bomb. The first few levels start out fairly easily, but as you progress and more obstacles are put between you and your goal, the game gets much more difficult. One of the most important things to remember is that when you hold down the left mouse button, the size of the bomb will change. Use this to your advantage. In some cases, a bigger bomb is needed to get you over a wall or over a gap in the ground. Other times, a smaller bomb is needed. When the bomb is the size you need, release the left mouse button to detonate it. It will get easier for you to figure out what size bomb you need to accomplish your goal and where you need to detonate them but with more obstacles arriving in just about every level, the game manages to avoid feeling boring or stale. The challenge continues even as you figure out the best ways to move your bombs. If you have having trouble getting through the levels with the number of bombs you are given, you can choose to play with unlimited bombs. For someone looking for a real challenge, you would likely want to opt out of this option, but for newcomers to point and click puzzle games, starting out with unlimited bombs may be a good idea. If it's too easy, you can always return to the main menu and play again with this option turned off.

The best way to get through the levels in Boombot is to choose where you will place bombs in advance. Try to determine where Boombot will end up when the bomb detonates. Figure out the best way to avoid obstacles. Figure out if those obstacles will need to be blown up and figure out how many bombs you think it will take to blow up that obstacle. Sometimes it won't be necessary to blow up the entire obstacle. Don't blow up more than you have to. Use the extra bombs to guide Boombot to the exit. If, on the other hand, you are playing with unlimited bombs than go ahead and blow up whatever you like. Just remember, sometimes those obstacles provide additional guidance through the level. If you blow up something you shouldn't, you'll have to reset the level. This is a game that requires a lot of logic and common sense. Take the time to use it.

Overall, Boombot is one of the best puzzle games online; offering something for every puzzle game fan regardless of experience of skill level. The game provides more than enough challenge to be difficult but isn't so hard beginners will feel overwhelmed and want to give up. This is an all around great game with fun graphics and difficult puzzles that will keep you playing level after level.