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Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) Controls

Use your mouse and left mouse button to interact with objects and locations throughout the game.

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Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) Walkthrough

Bowja the Ninja 2 is an excellent online puzzle game that puts you in the center of a fun and engrossing story and entertains you with decent graphics and difficult puzzles. You begin the game with several objectives you need to complete but actully accomplishing those objectives can be a little bit tricky. The controls are simple and really, the premise of the game is as well. The difficulty lies in solving the puzzles put before you and doing what you need to do to escape Bigman's Compound in one piece.

Basically, here's what has happened. Abura, also known as Bigman, stole a deadly missle and you need to stop him before he can use it on any innocent people. To do that, you need to accomplish several objectives, each one more difficult than the last. This is basically the main premise behind Bowja the Ninja 2.To begin you need to take out Bigman's henchmen. Once you've accomplished that goal, you must take control of the missle and get inside Bigman's Compound where you will deal to Bigman. From there, you need to switch off the central satellite ditch and hightail it out of there. Accomplish these tasks and beat the game. It doesn't really sound all that difficult, but it really is.

The rules on Bowja the Ninja 2 as pretty basic. Pay attention to what your cursor is doing, interact with objects throughout the game and use your brain to solve the puzzles. If your cursor is a red circle, there is a pending action taking place and you need to wait until that is complete to make another move. If your cursor is an arrow you can make a move on the screen. When your cursor is a hand, the location or object your cursor is over is clickable. Click on that object or location to interact with it. At various points throughout the game you will need to complete puzzles in order to progress through the game. These puzzles come in varrying degrees of difficulty from fairly easy to extremely difficult. This is where the real fun of the game is.

Overall, Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) is a challenging, entertaining puzzle game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold your attention to the very end. Can you complete all of the puzzles and reach the end of the game? Play the game and see. While you might find yourself having more than a little difficulty in the beginning, have patience. You'll get the hang of it and when you do, you will be rewarded with one of the best puzzle games online.