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Bricks Breaking Controls

Select and remove bricks using the mouse and the left mouse button.

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Bricks Breaking Walkthrough

Bricks Breaking is more than your average brick breaking puzzle game. If you are a fan of this genre of puzzle games, you might have a little bit of trouble getting the hang of the rules here. The basic premise is simple and not terribly uncommon. You're given a grid of bricks in multiple colors. You need to click groups of like-colored bricks that are touching on at least one side to remove those bricks from the grid. You progress to the next level when all of the bricks have been removed. Run out of moves and the game is over. It's pretty basic stuff. What is different about this game, however, is also what makes it so much fun and what makes it so addictive. Newcomers to brick breaking puzzle games likely won't have much trouble getting the hang of the game, but because it is so different that most of its competing games in the genre, experienced players are going to need a little time to get used to it simply because of the slight differences in the way the game is played.

The first difference between Bricks Breaking and most other puzzle games online is that is breaks free of the groups of three or more rule. In this game, you remove like-colored bricks in groups of two or more as opposed to three. It sounds like a pretty insignificant difference, you if you are used to this type of puzzle game, it can be a pretty big change to get used to. It makes the game a bit easier than other games in the genre, but only if you remember that you're allowed to do it. To make up for this slightly easier format, the game makes the goal for each level a bit more difficult. instead of asking you to remove a certain number of bricks before passing a level, you need to clear the grid completely. If you have one brick left, you are technically out of moves. All hope is not lost, though. Look to the left of the grid on your game screen. The five stars on the left side of the screen represent magic wands. These magic wands can be used to remove a single brick off of the grid. Use them wisely though. You only have five to last throughout the game. Wands are not replenished at the beginning of the next level so once they've all been used, you won't get any more. Save them for the very end of levels when you have no more moves to make and remove bricks that will create more groups of at least two. Keep doing this until all of the bricks have been removed from the screen. Be careful while you're clicking throughout the level though. If you click on a single block by accident, you will waste one of your wands which is something you will likely regret later in the game. These wands are the second difference that makes this game so unique. They definitely come in handy if you use them wisely.

The best way to get a high score in Bricks Breaking and get further in the game is to plan your moves wisely. Focus on grouping single blocks. At the end of the level, look ahead before you make each move. Avoid leaving single blocks at the very end. If you use logic and think carefully about your moves, you can do well in this game and just about every level is beatable. Save your wands for when you need them and think before you make your moves and you'll find yourself getting further than you thought you could get. This is one of the best brick breaking puzzle games online and will have you hooked.