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Aim with the mouse. Fire balloons with the left mouse button.

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Bubble Collapse Walkthrough

Bubble Collapse is a great online puzzle game with excellent graphics, appealing backdrops and 30 unique coins you can work to find. The game is both entertaining and addictive, challenging you to make as many combinations as you can to try to reach the next level. To clear the level and get a high score you will need to carefully plan your moves to make the best and biggest combinations you can make. With a little bit of practice and patience, you should have no problem at all getting a great score. For someone new to online puzzle games like this one, however, getting used to the game might take a little while. It's played a bit differently than other strategy games you might be used to, but take a little time to get the hang of it and you'll appreciate it.

In Bubble Collapse, the goal as the same as the goal of many other online puzzle games. You have to make combinations of the same colored objects, in this case, balloons, to remove the objects from the screen. Here, however, the rules are a bit different. Instead of just clicking on the combinations to remove them, you are given a cannon of sorts loaded with balloons to shoot into the balloons on the screen. The balloons you are given will be a variety of colors. You need to shoot the balloons into the balloons you need to remove so that they form groups of three or more bubbles of the same color. When you form one of these groups, all of the balloons in that group will be remove. Groups do not have to be made of three or more bubbles in a straight line up and down or from left to right but they must all be touching on at least one corner. For example, if you are given a yellow balloon in your bubble cannon, look for two or more yellow balloons along the bottom line of bubbles and aim your cannon there. As you progress and make bubbles disappear, you'll open up more moves. The bigger the combination you make the more bubbles you will eliminate and the higher your score will be. For that reason, look for the biggest combination possible.

If there are not two or more bubbles in Bubble Collapse to go with the bubble you are given in your cannon, look for a single bubble of the same color and shoot your bubble next to it. Later, you may get another bubble to go with the combination. Try placing additional bubbles in a way that you can make bigger combinations down the line. For example, instead of putting the third yellow bubble next to a combination of two yellow bubbles, put it one space away. The next time you get a yellow bubble use it to connect the single bubble you placed to the other two yellow bubbles. This will give you a combination of four instead of three and will give you a better score. Because this puzzle game takes a little getting used to, stick with just making combinations in the beginning. Once you're more comfortable with the game and how it's played, you can work on making bigger combinations and getting a higher score.

Overall, Bubble Collapse is an excellent online puzzle game that will challenge you to plan moves carefully to find the best combinations while also entertaining you with excellent graphics. If you have a slower computer or have trouble playing games with intense graphics, you may find the game lags or is a bit to slow. Give it a try anyway. If it's too slow, try out another game. If you have no trouble with lagging though, you'll have found a great game to kill a little time with.