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If you have played bubble puzzle games before, playing Bubble Shooter should be a piece of cake for you. Just like most puzzle games out there, all you need to have is a mouse to play the game. As long as you know where to aim and where to click, you are good to go. Let's have a closer look at Bubble Shooter.

  • Rating: 3.55/5

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Created by Absolutist, Bubble Shooter is one of those bubble / shooter puzzle games that was created for Windows back in 2000. Folks who have played Puzzle Bobble (known as Bust A Move by many) back then will surely recognize the striking similarities between the game. It does a good job of combining puzzle games, shooters, action games, and sprinkling it with nice and clean looking graphics. Fast forward today, you can now play the FREE and flash-based version of Bubble Shooter.

The concept of the game is very simple and straightforward: there is a bunch of different colored balls lined up in the screen. On average, there are 17 colored balls per row. Usually, there are 5 to 6 colored balls when the game starts. There are 19 rows of balls and they are randomly colored. So what do you have to do with these colored balls? You should clear them off and score as MUCH as you can. You do that by shooting more colored balls into the bunch. When three or more balls of the same color come together, they will explode... and you will see your score take up a notch or two.

Playing this is very simple: change the angle of your shooter by moving your mouse. This is even made easier by the arrow that indicates where the ball will go to. Once you are all set, just press the left click button to fire the ball away. You will find that there are spots / places in the game screen where a straightforward shot won't cut it. What should you do? Here's what: make the ball bounce off the wall to get it where you want it to. You may find it a little hard at first BUT, with a little practice, this should become second nature to you.

Eliminating 3 balls at a time is good... BUT eliminating MORE balls with one shot entitles you to BIGGER and BETTER scores. For example: a single shot eliminating 6 bubbles is way better than spending 2 shots that eliminate 3 bubbles each. Aside from that, the bubbles or colored balls attached or hanging on to the balls you have eliminated are also taken out of the equation. I MUST point out that arranging for such avalanches is almost always worth it as they give you 10 times MORE points than ordinary bursts.

There's something I need to remind you, however: when your shot doesn't eliminate any balls from the screen, you are penalized. Once you get enough penalties, another line or row balls appears on top of the screen. In this bubble puzzle game, you should make sure that every shot you make counts. You can always check the number of misfires allowed. It's indicated by the number of silver balls located at the lower left corner of the game screen.

There are no draws in this game. Either you eliminate all of the balls from the screen, or you end up getting crushed by the cluster of balls - there are no compromises, and I think this is one of the factors that made the game very appealing.

Summing things up, I would give Bubble Shooter a score of 9/10. It's very simple and straightforward... and it's very addictive. The fact that the game doesn't have any time limit, which means you can easily spend hours playing the game without even noticing it. Straightforward and simple to play, colorful, and a heck LOT of fun - this is Bubble Shooter!