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Cargo Bridge 2 Controls

Cargo Bridge 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. When in design mode, click and drag between nodes to place connectors and walks. After building your bridge, click on workers to make them walk. Click to to the left of them to make them walk left, or click to the right of them to make them walk right. Click and drag on empty spaces or use the arrow keys to move the camera.

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Cargo Bridge 2 Walkthrough

Cargo Bridge 2 is the sequel to the puzzle game, Cargo Bridge. Cargo Bridge 2 features improved graphics, sixty new levels, and a level editor allowing you to create and share levels of your own design!

Like in its predecessor, the objective of Cargo Bridge 2 is to build bridges for workers to transport cargo across. Your funds available for building are limited, so you will have to place planks and supports carefully to minimize the amount of money that you spend. The more money that you save, the higher your score will be if your bridge works. If your bridge fails, do not fret. Just get back to the drawing board and keep at it until you build one that works! Your progress is automatically upon the completion of levels in this physics game, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Cargo Bride 2 uses a similar control scheme to that found in the first Cargo Bridge, but there are some differences. Instead of having to enter design mode, you automatically start in design mode in this puzzle game. In design mode, click on icons on the right side of the screen to select bridge elements to place. Click and drag between nodes to place the selected item. After you have built your bridge, click the play button in the upper-left corner of the screen to test your bridge. Click on workers to make them walk; clicking to the left of them causes them to move left and clicking to the right of them causes them to move right. If you need to go back to design mode, click on the button in the upper-left corner or press the escape key. Additional keyboard shortcuts will be introduced throughout the course of this physics game to make things faster.

Cargo Bridge 2 can be a very challenging puzzle game, especially for those of us that do not have civil engineering degrees! The key to success is to keep in mind that strong bridges use supports. Try to use items such as connectors or ropes to support walks; using walks as supports will empty your coffers. It may help to look at pictures of real-life bridges if you need inspiration; there is no shame in learning from the masters!

At first glance, Cargo Bridge 2 may seem like a carbon copy of the first Cargo bridge with a "2" slapped onto the end, but closer inspection indicates that that simply isn't the case; this puzzle game has a lot to offer! If the sixty levels in this physics game aren't enough, then you can play levels designed by other players or try your hand at making your own!