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Civiballs Controls

The controls of Civiballs are very straightforward. All you have to do is point at a chain. Click to cut it off, and that's about it. The challenge, however is knowing which part of the chain to cut and how to time it perfectly. Civiballs is definitely one of the harder puzzle games out there, and you really need to consider each move. Let's just say that with all of those cannons, catapults, ramps, and the reactions chained together, getting past levels can be quite challenging. This is definitely a game where a single click could mean huge consequences.

  • Rating: 3.67/5

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Civiballs Walkthrough

Puzzle games fans, especially those who love them go nuts for the quirky and physics-based puzzler such as Color Infection and Splitter, this is a game you just have to check out. The objective of Civiballs isn't complicated: The goal here is to drop those colored orbs, who happened to have faces, into the urns of the same color. The goal is simple but the execution can be very challenging. You see, most of these orbs start the level of suspended in mid air with chains and ropes. The only way you can get these orbs moving is to cut those chains and let physics do the rest of the job. And sometimes, rather most of the time, physics isn't a very cooperative partner.

Two levels are especially difficult: Greece 9 and China 6. Most people are stumped by these two levels. Some hints: for Greece 9, start off by cutting the chains for the two green balls. Next, release the highest gray ball. Your timing must be perfect here. You need to wait until the gray ball on top of the left starts swinging. Then, you should cut the red ball's chain. Lastly, release the final great ball once everything else stops moving.

For China 6, start off by dropping yellow ball first. Next, the drop the red ball; when it shoots up, it'll make the green ball swing. Watch the green ball closely until it's aimed at the right angle. By now, the red bull has gone up; it will come down, hitting the yellow ball into the urn, which then rolls over to the red urn.

If you appreciate challenging, novel puzzle games, you've gotta check out Civiballs.