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Colliderix Controls

Colliderix is controlled by using the mouse. Remove wooden blocks by clicking on them.

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Colliderix Walkthrough

Usually, crashing is a bad thing, but in Colliderix, crashing is the name of the game (literally; the word "collide" is in the title!). This puzzle game features simple controls, soothing background music, and forty levels.

The goal of Colliderix is to make all of the colored shapes disappear by causing them to collide into other like-colored shapes. If any of the shapes fall off of the screen before colliding , you will fail the level and have to start over. Levels do not have time limits, but more points can be earned by quickly completing them. This puzzle game utilizes an automatic save system, so you do not have to complete all forty levels in one session.

Unlike other physics games where you must place items, you can only remove them in Colliderix. To remove a wooden object, simply click on it using your mouse and it will disappear. You cannot move any other objects in this puzzle game. The force of gravity and the forces of colliding objects will do the rest of the work for you.

Since the only control over objects that you have in Colliderix is the removal of wooden shapes, you will often find yourself relying upon timing. To get the right timing, sit back and watch how the objects interact with their environments, then restart the level. There is no penalty for restarting, and your time bonus will reset as well. Once you have an idea of how objects interact with each other and the stage, you can properly time the removal of the wooden objects to yield favorable results. If you do not figure out the solution, there is no need to worry. You do not lose points for failing, and you can always take a break and continue from where you left off.

Simple controls and straightforward gameplay make Colliderix easy to pick up for a quick gaming break. Colliderix is a puzzle game that is as the British say, "simply smashing"!