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Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and collect blocks and to create creatures.

  • Rating: 4.33/5

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Corpse Craft is one of the most imaginative, entertaining puzzle games online. It offers a wonderfully dark and twisted story in which you need to defend your school from the armies of enemies attacking it. To do this, you need to raise you own army, comprised of creatures you create using blood, flesh, bone and a variety of other creepy ingredients. Part zombie game. Part puzzle game. All awesome.

The graphics in Corpse Craft are especially good for an online puzzle game. The creatures are sufficiently creepy and the addition of new creatures as you progress in the game prevents the game from feeling stale or old. It's clear from the moment you begin playing this game that a lot of effort has gone into making this game look good. While there are other puzzle games online that also focus on appearance, Corpse Craft has avoided focusing all its attention on flash and pizzaz. Instead, the creators of this game have come up with a unique and engrossing story, solid characters both good and bad, and difficult levels that provide more than enough challenge to keep the game entertaining. At the same time, the game isn't so difficult newcomers to online puzzle games won't enjoy it or so difficult that it becomes so frustrating you don't want to continue playing. If you take the time to read the intro and the story continuations between each level, you'll be rewarded with an even deeper interest in the game because with this one, the story is almost as much fun as the game.

Corpse Craft provides you with a new challenges and new creatures to create in each level so you can better meet these challenges. Each new creature you are given will have its own special attributes and powers you can use to accomplish specific goals. The trick is that as you are given these new creatures to make, so to is your enemy. Streetwalkers, for example, are excellent relay creatures, but as you release your army of streetwalkers, your enemy will also be able to release their army. The best way to be sure you come out victorious is to save up your parts until you are able to release at least two strong armies. Once you have enough parts stored up, release your first strong army then collect more parts and create another strong army. Keep an eye on the top of the game screen though. You are only able to release creatures at night (when the moon icon is moving across the top of your screen). As soon as the moon disappears from the sky and the sun appears, any creatures on the battlefield will wither and die. Watch where the moon is. Don't release a wave of creatures just before daylight comes even if your enemy does. Hold off and let the sun take care of your enemy's creatures. Any creatures you release when the sun is about to rise will be a waste of valuable parts.

To create your creatures in Corpse Craft, you need to gather and store parts. You do this by making combinations of three or more of the same colored block from the grid at the center of the bottom of your game screen. This is the puzzle aspect of the game and also the most important aspect in successfully completing your levels. You need to collect as many parts as you can if you want to be able to compete against your enemy. This part of the game shares a lot in common with many of the other puzzle games online so anyone familiar with this genre of game should be familiar with the rules here. You can collect blocks of the same color in groups of three or more as long as all of the blocks are touching on at least one corner. The bigger the combination, the more points you will get and the more parts you will reap. Use these parts to create your creatures by clicking on the creatures shown on the left side of the block grid. Below each creature you will see a number which represents how many of that creature you can make with the parts you have stored. Gather as many parts as you can during the daylight hours so that you will be ready to attack at night.

Overall, Corpse Craft is an excellent online puzzle game that offers a little something for everyone. Fans of puzzle games will love the challenge the game presents and the fact that it's so different than most of the other puzzle games online. Zombie game fans will love the fact that they can create and unleash their own zombies. Strategy game fans will love having to plan out when to unleash their armies and how many creatures to create to make up those armies. This is an excellent, highly addictive game that everyone needs to play at least once.