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Crazy Go Nuts Controls

Aim using the mouse. Fire using the left mouse button.

  • Rating: 4.09/5

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Crazy Go Nuts Walkthrough

Crazy Go Nuts is a great online puzzle game that sees you helping your little squirrel friend collect as many nuts as possible before winter comes. The goal is simple - collect all of the nuts in each level to progress to the next level, but that isn't always as easy to accomplish as it sounds. As you progress in the game it gets much harder. The controls are the same as any other point and click puzzle game so if you are familiar with this type of game you should be able to get the hang of this game fairly quickly. Even if you are a newcomer to point and click puzzle games, you should be able to figure out how the game is played fairly easy. The actual rules of the game aren't hard to understand, but getting all of the nuts certainly can be.

The great thing about Crazy Go Nuts is that like many other online puzzle games, getting a high score is made easier by the opportunity to earn bonus points. You are able to collect stars that makes each nut worth more points. You get stars by collecting more than one nut with a single shot. The more nuts you collect in one shot the higher your bonus will be. Each time you collect stars you will come closer to filling your star meter. If you fill your star meter, you will earn a much larger bonus and rack up points toward your high score even faster. Also, keep an eye out for a giant nut. The giant nut is called the Big Nut Bonus. This nut appears in the grass but will not stay long, so when you see it, go after it quickly to try to collect it before it disappears.

When you begin playing Crazy Go Nuts, you are given the option to choose your level. There are twenty-five levels in all, but only the first five and unlocked when you begin. Each level has a target score you will need to beat before you move on to the next level. Choose a level with a lower target score to begin with so you have the chance to get used to how the game is played. It does take a little getting used to as the little squirrel you send out of your cannon to collect nuts does a lot of bouncing around. You'll need to get used to how to hit angles to collect the most nuts. The great thing is, there is no time limit so you can take as much time as you need to gather all the nuts. At the end of each level, you'll go into 'rapid fire mode' in which you can send out several squirrels at once. This is a great way to round up those last few nuts. When you complete all five levels, you will be given the option of completely the levels all over again to try to get a higher bonus to unlock additional levels.

Overall, Crazy Go Nuts is a fun, addictive online puzzle game that challenges you to use obstacles to angle your shots to each your level goal. As you progress in the game there are more and more levels and the nuts get harder to collect. Stick with it and collect big bonuses to get a high score and to reach the end of the game. While you'll need a little time to get used to how the game is played, the lack of a timer will help you get the practice you need. This game might be a bit on the easy side for experience players of point and click puzzle games, but because of the steadily increasing difficulty and the option of trying for a high score, even experienced players will have fun with this one. This is a great game that is well worth playing.