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Crush the Castle Controls

Before we get down to the meat of the game, let's check out the controls first. They're quite easy, and here is how it's done: (1) First, click once to get your trebuchet swinging. (2) Once it's on the move, click once more to release the rock towards the castle. Your first couple of shots may not be so successful; you might launch some rocks straight up, others may go straight down. But that's okay. Just keep on doing it until you get the hang of it.

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Crush the Castle Walkthrough

There's something so appealing about puzzle games, especially those physics-based puzzle games. The mechanics are easy to understand, but the game itself can be very challenging. And what's even more fun is when a puzzle game lets you smash things flat! This is exactly what Crush The Castle is all about. Yes folks, this game is all about destruction. And you get to do it in a primitive but straightforward way: use a trebuchet, grab some pile of rocks, and start tossing it to the castle until nothing is left of it.

As I've said earlier, this game takes a lot of getting used to. Your first couple of shots may not be so successful. However, after you get off a good shot, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch it fly gracefully and determinedly towards the castle. Watch the rock smash into the wall, wreck havoc and destruction, and utterly decimate the castle into nothing but a pile of rubble... a huge pile of rubble. On the other hand, if your shot misses and you don't kill all of the fellas inside, just click one more time: this will rearm your trebuchet, and off you go again. However, don't make the mistake of throwing those rocks willy nilly. Keep in mind: you only have five shots to get the job done. Once you run out of rocks, it's all over and you need to restart the level again.

As you move forward through the game, you will find that you can have more than regular rocks as your ammo. Much more powerful types of ammunition can be unlocked. Once that is done, you can switch between them and all you have to do is click on the type of ammo you want. However, don't be deceived by those bigger rocks and ammo. In this game, bigger isn't always better. However, *more* is. You definitely want to lay your hands on those triple bombs, which are the most powerful ammunition in the game.

If you have played a game called Castle Clout, you will surely notice the similarities between these two puzzle and physics based games. But don't be dismayed. While the similarities are intentional and done with permission, Crush The Castle comes with enough improvements and updates that you won't find in Castle Clout. For one thing, controlling the trebuchet is a lot easier in this game. You don't have to rely on luck since you are in total control. Both the graphics and design have also been updated; this game is a lot more pleasant to the eye. And let's not forget: the goal is also different. You're not just trying to destroy the castle; you are also trying to destroy the inhabitants in it. Luckily, the inhabitants are pretty squishy. Just a single nudge, and blood spurts out of them. It's almost automatic that when the castle comes tumbling down, everything inside is also killed. Heck, tremors alone are enough to kill them.

Summing things up, this is a great puzzle game that will surely appeal to all of us. Admit it or not, each of us has an inner five-year-old inside of us - an inner five-year-old who loves to smash things down, merely because he can. Anyways, enough talk - enjoy the game and create a riot with your triple bombs as you smash castles into dust!