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Crush the Castle 2 Controls

The controls of this physics-based puzzle game are just as straightforward and easy to understand as the previous one. To get started, click once to get the trebuchet started. Click again and this deadly primitive machine will release its deadly cargo. Being a physics game, timing is everything in Crush The Castle 2. If you make the mistake of releasing too early, your missile will likely pass over the castle. On the other hand, releasing too late is a sure-fire way to send that rock to the ground. However, when you do get a perfect shot, that's when things get fun and interesting. Your reward is a castle smashed flat in no time. As a bonus, everyone that is inside are crushed, with the only thing left being a tiny tombstone. With the controls taken care of, let's check out the game.

  • Rating: 3.5/5

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Crush the Castle 2 Walkthrough

Trebuchet and rocks on the left side, and grand looking castle on the right side. What are you supposed to do with it? You should know by now: crush the castle. If you fell in love with the prequel of the same name, then you will surely go nuts with Crush The Castle 2. The mechanics are pretty much the same: just click to activate the trebuchet and click again to throw the rock in hopes that it will send the castle tumbling down.

With games, there are many kinds of sequels - expansion packs that are just amazing, sequels where you can't figure out what's new in the game except for its name. On the other hand, there are sequels that you wouldn't know were related to the previous game. Looking at Crush The Castle 2, the developers definitely know what to change and what not to. The core mechanics that made the first game a huge success are still here. However, Crush The Castle 2 also has a lot of new features and much better artwork. Without a doubt, it deserves the number two after its name.

One of the biggest difference between Crush The Castle and Crush The Castle 2 is that the latter tries to inject a plot and characters into the game. While the plot and bunch of characters are somewhat absurd, this is a refreshing change frmo the first game. As you progress through the different levels, you will meet different characters. For example, there are people who support the for what you do for living (a.k.a. causing destruction). As their sign of support, they will hand over different kinds of ammunition. You will find the good old, tried and tested weapons like the log, but you will also find more wacky things like parachute bombs and jars filled with electric eels! The game's overall field has been changed to be more puzzle-like. Gone are the days where you can just throw those rocks, cross your fingers, and hope for a lucky shot. It is crucial that you do some thinking first: (1) Figure out what to use and (2) Figure out where to hit for maximum destructive effect.

What's also nice is that this game includes a level editor, allowing you to play with brand spanking new building materials in the game. You can also set the time of day, weather, and terrain. The level editor also allows for much more precision; aside from the presets you can also randomize things to keep it MORE fun. All in all, this puzzle game deserves just as much attention as its prequel.