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Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy Controls

Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys move your character. The R key may be pressed at any time to reset a level.

  • Rating: 3.67/5

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Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy Walkthrough

Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy is a puzzle game with some action game elements. The game features well-animated cartoon graphics, great music and sound effects, and six worlds with six levels each.

In Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy, you control Cube Droid, a heroic little robot whose mission is to six planets that have been trapped by deadly cubes. To achieve this goal, players must collect all of the batteries on a level, and escape to their spaceship. This sounds simple, but there are a number of enemies, trick, and traps that are out to thwart your success!

Most levels of Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy require you to push crates to solve puzzles or prevent enemies and hazards from harming you. To push a crate, simple move on the opposite side that you want to push it in, then move in the direction that you wish to push the crate. Only one crate may be pushed at a time. This is important, because if you stack crates back-to-back, you may find it impossible to move them again in some situations, forcing you to have to restart the level. Planning your moves in advance is essential to success in this puzzle game.

Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy is a puzzle game, but some levels may require you to use dexterity rather than pure brain power. Some enemies cannot be defeated by wit alone, or you may not be able to use crates to block all hazards. In these cases, you will have to use skillful maneuvering to avoid being blasted, shocked, or sliced. Do not be afraid to retry a level is you get stuck, or to come back to the game later. Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy automatically saves your progress as you complete each level, so you may return to the game at a later time to resume your quest.

Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy is an entertaining puzzle game that offers an enjoyable challenge for players of all ages!