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Doodle Devil - if you are looking for puzzle games that are fun and easy to play, this is a game you just have to check out. As far as control schemes go, there is nothing complicated or fancy about Doodle Devil, which is typical of puzzle games. All you have to do is make sure your mouse especially its left click button is working and you are good to go. Click to select elements, click another, rub them, and try to combine them. Let's take a closer look at the game!

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Before there is anything, back in the beginning, there's literally nothing. HOWEVER, some elements were created by a very benevolent super being known as god. On the other hand, there is this not so nice god who wants to balance things. How? His plan: once the world exists, create a little mayhem.

This is the story behind Doodle Evil - a sequel of Doodle God. The original game, which is now available on iPhone and as a browser based flash puzzle game, puts emphasis on creating the universe by mixing the basic elements with one another. Starting off with only 4 elements, your goal is to create a total of 115. Doodle Devil, on the other hand, is about the darker...let's say a little more sinister part of creation and life. The idea is to create rudimentary concepts to wreck havoc and chaos.

If you loved Doodle God, you will love this one too. Not to mention you get an excellent start since both games have very identical mechanics. Like in the prequel, you just have to tap one of the element groups in Doodle Devil to open it up. After that, tap a second group, which would release the elements that are facing on the other side of the screen. Once you are done, touch an element, touch another, and try to combine them.

The start of the game is rather symbolic - you only have a human and an apple to combine. When you mix them, we all know what happens: sin and knowledge is created. Rinse and repeat and you will come up with a dozen elements or so, all of them ripe for mixing.

If ever you get stuck in Doodle Devil, and believe me, you will on many different occasions, worry not. There are hints in Doodle Devil - two of them. You see those light bulbs at the bottom part of the screen? Those are the hints: (1) the single light bulb let's you know of a possible creation. From there, you can think of ways how to come up with that creation. If that doesn't work out, then check out hint number two: (2) two light bulbs that, when clicked, would open 2 element categories. At least one of them would match with the shown icons.

They - the single and dual light bulb hints, do have a cooling period. So if you are really clueless as to what element are you trying to create, no biggie - it's only a matter of time before you find the right one.

Doodle Devil continues the tradition and standards set by its predecessor Doodle God - nice visuals, apt music, and a puzzle game that's not too complex but fun to play nevertheless. If you are looking for puzzle games to keep the boredom off without racking your brains too much, Doodle Devil is a game you should check out.