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What I really like about puzzle games is that they are easy to play - easy in the sense that you don't need to twist your fingers with the controls. There's nothing complicated, nothing fancy. And Doodle God - which is one of the more entertaining puzzle games out there, follow this trend. Just use your mouse, click on the elements, mix them, and have fun playing god!

  • Rating: 4.82/5

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A puzzle game released by Avalon Alliance, Doodle God gives you power to create as well as tasks where you need to create a total 115 elements. So what do you have to start with? Well, that's where the challenge is - you only have a starting pool of four elements. Click on an element to select it, click on another, and try to combine them.

When the fusion doesn't work, nothing will happen. HOWEVER, if it does work, then...TADDAH! You have a new element to work with and create other elements from by combining it with others. OK, I'm not trying to intimidated by making it look like you need to have a good grade in physics back at school. I was able to play and enjoy it...and I suck big time on physics (used to cut classes).

A couple of reminders though: you don't want your elements to be cluttered with sub menus, there are certain elements that are whole groups themselves - like Earth, Air, Water, and everything else in between.

There is one thing I would like to point out though - the game loses some of the challenge when you realize that you are just a couple of steps away from victory and all you have to do is rub and wait for a reaction. In simpler terms, it can be solved through trial and error. Rub this, if it doesn't work, rub it with another element - rinse and repeat until you get a reaction and finish creating all 115 elements.

Now, I'm not taking anything away from the game. For someone who just wants to unwind with interesting puzzle games, Doodle God DEFINITELY is up to the task. For the more competitive puzzle games lovers out there, the interest for this game could easily fade.

Also, I wish there something more to it than just playing match maker. The visual style is very clean and appealing! It's not everyday that you see a puzzle game whose graphics and design are top notch like Doodle God. Oh! Speaking of nice visuals, I wish they would add a representation of the growing world that you are creating. Since they allow us to play god with this game, might as well take a notch or two closer to reality.

All in all, with the low level of challenge brought by Doodle God, I would classify this as one of those puzzle games that are meant for staving off boredom in a lazy afternoon. Something that will help you unwind...complete with mellow and relaxing music. The whole take on the puzzle games genre is very interesting. True it's NOT as complex but it's still fun.