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Doodle God 2 Controls

Doodle God 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on lists of elements to expand each list. Click on two elements to combine them. Clicking an items that you have already selected will deselect it. In-game help is also available.

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Doodle God 2 Walkthrough

Doodle God 2 is the third installment of the Doodle God series (the other games being Doodle God and Doodle Devil). Doodle God 2 features a humorous introduction story, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a user-friendly interface.

The objective of Doodle God 2 is to combine various elements to create other elements. In Episode 1 alone, there are 196 different elements to create from the four starting elements! To begin the game, you have four elements under four elemental groups: earth, water, fire, and air. To combine elements, simply click on the two elements that you wish to combine. If the elements can be combined, then after a quick animation, you will be given a new element to work with. If the elements cannot be combined, they will simply shake, and you are given the chance to try to combine other elements.

The concept of Doodle God 2 is quite simple, but actually accomplishing the task of unlocking all elements is a very difficult feat in this puzzle game. Do not be ashamed to use a trial and error approach, since you are not punished for guessing incorrectly, and there is no time limit to the game. Many combinations that one would think would produce an element may not, while other combinations do yield elements, such as fire and dinosaurs yielding dragons (yes, animals are considered a category of elements in this puzzle game, as are mythical creatures).

Doodle God 2 also logs successful combinations so that you do not repeat them again and again. To access this log, click the button that resembles a list at the bottom of the interface. If at any time you feel that you need to take a break from Doodle God 2, do not worry, because you may resume the game where you left off.

Doodle God 2 is an mentally-engaging game with a sense of humor that sometimes borderlines zany. This puzzle game is sure to provide hours of entertainment!