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Use the mouse and the left mouse button to drop balls into columns.

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DropSum is without question one of the best math based puzzle games online. Combining the need to do fast math equations and the need to choose moves carefully, this game gives the player a real challenge and manages to be entertaining even without a lot of fancy graphics or an involved, complicated story. The real fun of this game is in the challenge of the game itself. It's perfect for any fan of puzzle games or math games regardless of their experience level in either genre. Fans of math games will find the equations rather easy, but actually making the equations is anything but. Fans of puzzle games will love how challenging it is to get the right balls in the right slots while still leaving themselves open for future moves. This is an addictive little game that will have you hooked.

The goal of DropSum is simple. You need to form equations that equal the target sum shown on the right side of the game screen. You are given seven columns on the game grid. Each column has seven places that you can drop balls into. In the beginning of the game, your challenge is to combine the balls to make an equation with the sum of nine. You begin with balls with number 1-4. As you advance, number 5 is added, then 6 and so on. The target sum will also change as well so be sure you keep an eye out for that change. You'll be surprised how much harder the game gets with these little additions.

In DropSum, you are challenged to get the highest score possible. At the completion of each game, you are given a fun little chart that shows you how big and how fast your brain is. Although it might be a little insulting, it challenges you to improve you score and also gives you a handy way to track your progress. The actual rules of the game are fairly basic. Just drop the balls into the columns. Getting a high score requires a little more thinking and planning.

DropSum rewards equations that use larger groups of balls. For example, an equation that uses three balls will give you 81 points while a group that uses four balls will give you 256 points. Obviously, the bigger the group the bigger the number of points you get. You can also 'pop tiles'. You get a great bonus for popping tiles and since any popped tiles are removed from the game grid, popping tiles also gives you more room to make your equations. Pop tiles by using the same ball multiple times to create equations. For example, any ball (tile) on your screen will start out silver in color. When you use that ball once, it will turn blue. Use it twice and it will turn yellow and then red when you use it a third time. When the bal is red it is ready to be popped. To pop it, use it in one more equation. You can also get bonus points by using balls that have stars on them in your equation. Collecting multiple stars will give you a much bigger star bonus.

You can choose to play DropSum in three different modes which is something that sets it apart from many other point and click puzzle games online. In Basic Mode, you just have the basic game. In Timed Mode you are working against a timer that moves up your screen. You'll have to think fast in Timed Mode. If the timer reaches the top of the screen before you make your move, the ball will automatically drop and you'll have no control over where it lands. In Arcade Mode you will have access to various power ups that will appear at the top of your screen as you complete different actions. To learn more about what power ups are available and how you earn them, visit the 'How to Play' section of the game's main menu. These power ups are only available in arcade mode but are a great way to get a high score.

Overall, DropSum is an excellent online puzzle game that perfectly marries the best elements of math games with the best elements of puzzle games; creating a game you'll have fun playing while you're also strengthening your math and logic skills. Don't be surprised if you find yourself returning to this game time and time again. It's a lot of fun and it's also entirely addictive. Beginners might have a bit of trouble getting the hang of how thte game is played, but with a little time and patience, you should have no trouble picking it up. This is an excellent game well worth your time.