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DumDum (and the Iron Golem) Controls

Use your mouse and left mouse button to navigate through the game.

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DumDum (and the Iron Golem) Walkthrough

DumDum and the Iron Golem is a fun, engrossing online puzzle game that sees you trying to help DumDum, a brave little dude who is taking on what doesn't really seem to be the smartest mission ever thought of. Poor little DumDum is taking on the Iron Golem. You need to help him accomplish his mission. It won't be easy, but it will be a lot of fun. Loaded with great graphics and lots of cartoon gore, this is a game you'll to play again and again.

DumDum and the Iron Golem gives you three basic cursor options as you play to help you better understand what you can and can't do in each part of the game. When your cursor is a red circle with an arrow at the top you are only able to collect mushrooms. If your cursor is an arrow you are able to click anything you want to click on the screen. When your cursor is a hand, the area under your cursor is clickable. Use these guidelines to plan your attack. Just because you click on an item, though, doesn't mean you should. It isn't always clear what's going to take poor DumDum out, but with a little trial and error, and a bit of common sense, you should have little problem solving the puzzles presented to you in this game.

The best way to make it through Dum Dum and the Iron Golem is to plan out your moves and try to figure out what is going to happen from each one. This is where the logic comes in. It isn't always easy to figure out where the move will lead, but you should be able to at least make a decent guess. If it doesn't work out, take a mental note and don't do the same thing next time. As the game progresses the levels get more difficult, but they're always fun. That's really the most important thing about this one. Don't take it too seriously. There are plenty of high intensity puzzle games online. This one is all about having a good time and using your brain at the same time.