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Dungeon Breaker Controls

Dungeon Breaker is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to cut the chains and cause the key to drop. Additional instructions are given as the game progresses.

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Dungeon Breaker Walkthrough

Dungeon Breaker is a puzzle game with drawing game elements. This puzzle game features well-drawn, anime-esque graphics, a fitting soundtrack, and thirty levels.

The goal of Dungeon Breaker is to make the key drop to the prisoner on each of the game's thirty levels so that he can escape the dungeon. If the key falls from the stage rather than into the prisoner's hands, you will fail the level and have to try it again. Whether there are thirty rooms that the prisoner has to escape or if he is captured twenty-nine more times after his first escape is not explained since this puzzle game does not have much of a storyline.

Aside from helping the prisoner to catch the key, you will have the option of collecting coins. Each level of Dungeon Breaker has three coins to collect for extra points. To collect the coins, make the key swing and collide with them by cutting the proper chains or taking other actions. It should be noted that bonus points are given at the end of each level for coins collected and based on the time that you took to complete the level. Collecting coins may consume precious time, so you may have to bypass collecting some in order to maximize your score.

Dungeon Breaker uses a mouse-only control scheme. In general, this puzzle game is controlled similar to a drawing game. Click and drag to draw lines which sever the chains that hold the key in place; physics will do the rest of the work for you. As you progress, additional items will be found on stages. Instructions are given to describe how to operate these items as they are introduced.

Dungeon Breaker is an uncomplicated game that combines elements from the puzzle game, drawing game, and physics game genres. Casual gamers will have fun with this game, diehard puzzle gamers may find it to be too easy. If you need to ramp up the challenge, try to collect all of the coins on each level while still shooting for a big time bonus!