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Even More Bloons Controls

Use the mouse to aim your shot. Hold the left mouse button to choose the strength of your shot. Release the left mouse button to fire your shot. Press 'r' to reset the level.

  • Rating: 4.05/5

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Even More Bloons Walkthrough

First there was Bloons. Fans of puzzle games fell in love with the simple premise, easy controls and difficult puzzles. Then More Bloons came along and proved that it is possible to improve on an already spectacular game. With Even More Bloons, the creators of this amazing series have once again outdone themselves by creating what has to be considered one of the most incredible point and click puzzle games online. The graphics are the same as in the first two games. The controls are basically the same, with the only exception being the addition of the very handy 'reset' function. Yet, despite the similarities, Even More Bloons is even more fun than both of its predecessors combined. With a variety of new obstacles to overcome including helium balloons which you're introduced to in the very first level and all new special balloons, this game is a classic in the making.

If you're not familiar with the Bloons series, the premise is simple. In each level you have to pop a set amount of balloons using the darts you are provided with. If you run out of darts you fail the level. It sounds fairly easy, but as you begin to play the game you'll see it's actually anything but. With a variety of obstacles placed in your way, you will need to use logic and careful planning to advance in the game. Even those familiar with this series are likely going to have a hard time solving these puzzles because this game is far, far more difficult right from the beginning than any of the previous versions.

The key to making it through the fifty levels of Even More Bloons is to think carefully about every shot you take. In this game more than any other, it is important you don't waste any darts. While you may think you have more than enough to accomplish your level goal, don't be surprised if you find yourself underestimating the challenge placed before you. At the same time, don't overthink the solution to the problem. If there appears to be an easy, obvious answer, give it a shot. Worst case scenario? You have to try again. You never know, you might get it right on the first try.

Overall, Even More Bloons may possibly be among the best point and click puzzle games online. It is challenging but the graphics make it fun and entertaining. It is entirely addictive, ensuring Bloons will go down in history as an excellent series that got better with each and every game. It's my hope that we'll see another in the series. I'd definitely be ready to play.