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Fracuum is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move. The spacebar is used to shoot once you have acquired the gun.

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Fracuum is a puzzle game that was developed for Ludum Dare 23, a game design competition where developers are given forty-eight hours to submit a creation. Although this game was created over the course of two days, its gameplay is superior to some games that have taken years to develop, and its simplistic graphics give it a nostalgic feel.

The goal of Fracuum is to make it to the center of a series of concentric mazes. The game begins at the title screen, so start moving towards the reddish rectangle and enter the maze. Either forty-eight hours is not enough time to implement a menu and instructions screen, or part of the fun of this puzzle game is figuring things out for yourself; if the latter is the case, sorry for spoiling it for you, but you will still have a good time with this puzzle game, I promise.

Fracuum is controlled entirely by the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move your character (unfortunately, the WASD keys cannot serve as an alternative in this puzzle game). Once you have acquired the gun, use the spacebar to shoot. Moving into inner mazes will cause the camera to automatically zoom in, while moving to outward mazes causes the camera to zoom out. You cannot always move straight to the center of the mazes, and you may have to backtrack your steps at times to go into mazes from different entrances in order to make it to the middle. Although it is sometimes hard to see the entrances of the innermost mazes from the outside, try to plan your path ahead as far as you can to make the game easier in the long run.

Fracuum is a puzzle game that truly delivers in the category of gameplay, despite being put together in only forty-eight hours. Gamers that like pretty graphics will be disappointed, but I've always believed that gameplay trumps graphics and the simple graphical style actual makes the game reminiscent of old Commodore 64 and Atari games. Fracuum is an awesome accomplishment of what can be done in a short period of time with hard work and dedication; be inspired and have fun!