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Gateway I Controls

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to navigate through the game and solve puzzles.

  • Rating: 4.25/5

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Gateway I is without a doubt one of absolute best puzzle games online. Offering just about everything anyone could ask for in a puzzle game, this game is destined to be a genre classes. With mind bending puzzles and an intriguing mystery to solve, you find yourself wanting to play more and more as you struggle to reach the end. It isn't an easy game but it is definitely an addictive one that will keep you playing until the very end. This is a game you'll be telling your friends about so you don't have to be hooked alone.

Gateway I doesn't rely on complicated rules, flashy graphics or over the top action to get your attention. The game is far more than enough to get you addicted. Unlike most other point and click puzzle games, this game ask you to solve genuinely challenging puzzles that will require to use your brain. There are no tricks to this one. It's all about logic and common sense. If you're looking for a light puzzle game to kill a little time with, you should probably look elsewhere. There are many excellent puzzle games online that give you a bit of challenge and a lot of flash. This one is all about putting your brain to the test.

As you progress through the levels in Gateway I, you will find all manner of objects you can pick up, combine and use to solve the puzzles you encounter. Make sure you take note of all the clues you come across and pick up every object you can pick up. You need to have all of the information available to you if you hope to progress through the levels. Some of the puzzles are simply a matter or looking for a pattern. Others ask you to solve more elaborate riddles. Some puzzles will require a little trial and error. Regardless, take your time and look for the best solution. There's no time limit so go at your own pace. When you reach the end of the game, you'll be glad you took the time to play.

Overall, Gateway I (and the follow up, Gateway II) is one of the most amazing puzzle games you'll ever play. It can be frustrating. It may make you say you quit more than once, but the call of the game will always draw you back in. You'll love this game. There just aren't enough good things to say about it. One word of advice though, if you have a computer than doesn't really handle graphics intensive games, lower the graphics quality under settings on the main menu. It will make the game play much more smoothly, and it still looks just as good. Enjoy!