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Gateway II Controls

Use the mouse to navigate through the game.

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Gateway II Walkthrough

Gateway II is a classic puzzle game that challenges you to use your brain to figure out what you need to do to get through the level. This is one of the most unique puzzle games online in that really pushed you to use your creative problem solving skills to progress. The graphics are simple but with a game this good, flashy graphics just aren't needed.

Every move you make in Gateway II is performed entirely with the mouse and the left mouse button. You won't need your arrow keys or any of the keys on your keyboard. If you want to walk, you simply click where you would like to walk to. If you are able to walk there, you will see a set of footprints appear. Click and you will walk. If there is an item you can pick up, you simply need to click on it. The item you pick up will be added to your inventory which is shown at the top left of your game screen. To use an item from your inventory, click on it and drag it to the area you would like to use it. Certain items can interact with each other such as stairs and a ledge or things of that nature.

If you aren't sure you can interact with an item, hover over it with your mouse. If you can interact with it, you will see a dialogue box at the bottom of the screen telling you what action you can do with that item. For example, if you see a button and hover your mouse over it, you will see 'Press button' at the bottom of your screen. If you are able to pick up an item, when you hover over it, the dialogue with say 'Pick up (item)'. Once the item is in your inventory, you can click on the item to examine it. This will give you more information about what that item is. When you are ready to use the item and begin dragging it, the dialogue will change to 'Use (item)' and then 'Use (item you are using from your inventory) with (item you will use it with)'.

Aside from simply using the items you add to your inventory in Gateway II to interact with items still in the game screen, you can also use items you find to interact with other items in your inventory by clicking one of the items and dragging it over the other item you will be using it with. Once you've done this, you'll get a message telling you what you've done with the items you've combined. At this point, you can look around your game screen to see how you can use the items.

Every level in Gateway II provides you with a new puzzle you will need to use logic and creative problem solving to solve if you want to progress in the game. Each puzzle will require you to do something different. If you are hearing impaired or don't have audio capabilities on your computer, make sure you go into options from the main menu and enable text transcriptions so you don't miss any important clues. Your goal here is to make it through all of the levels. You need to make sure you have every clue available to you if you want to achieve your goal. Also, if your computer has trouble running a graphics intensive game, you'll want to make sure you set the graphics quality to low. While the graphics themselves are fairly basic, the level of interactivity can make it hard for less graphics-capable computers to handle running the game smoothly.

Overall, Gateway II is one of the best puzzle games online that will provide a challenge for even the most experienced puzzle game players. This is an excellent game and destined to be a classic. Everyone who considers themselves a fan of puzzle games definitely needs to try this one.