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Gluey Controls

Gluey is controlled by using the mouse. Click on blobs to remove them.

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Gluey Walkthrough

Gluey is a puzzle game featuring colorful cartoonish graphics, liquid physics, and easy-to-learn gameplay. The gameplay is simple, but will prove to be very addicting.

The goal of Gluey is to meet the score goal of each level. This is done by removing blobs. Each blob has a score associated with it which is displayed when you hover your mouse over it. Removing a blob increments your score by its value. Blobs of the same color may be combined to form larger blobs that have a greater score value. The puzzle game aspect of Gluey is to carefully select which blobs you want to remove so that others may combine so that you may maximize your score. Once you have removed all of the blobs that you can, your score will be compared to the goal. If you have reached the goal, you will proceed tot he next level, but if you did not reach the goal, the game ends. Luckily, there is an option to retry the level on the game over screen.

Not only must you strategically combine blobs in this puzzle game, but you must also be aware that some blobs contain special properties. Removing blobs with an embedded plus symbol will cause more blobs to fall from the top of the stage, which may potentially increase your score. Blobs that have a small circle of another color embedded within them will release a blob of that color when they are removed. Blobs that have locks embedded within them are not effected by gravity, and will impede other blobs from falling as well!

To master Gluey, it is important to carefully watch the blobs as they shift with the force of gravity. In some cases, it may be best to wait until the blobs settle to form a larger blob, while in other cases, you may want to rapidly click blobs to remove them before they come apart! Another tip to improving your score in this puzzle game is to try to make sure to combine as many blobs as possible before removing a blob containing a plus symbol. Not only will this reward you with a greater score, but it will also cause a greater number of blobs to be added to the game, which may be used to increase your score even more!

Gluey is an addictive game that is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Once you start playing this puzzle game, you will be stuck to it!