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Gluey 2 Controls

Gluey 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on blobs to remove them.

  • Rating: 2.67/5

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Gluey 2 Walkthrough

Gluey 2 is the sequel to Gluey. This iteration of the puzzle game features improved graphics and visual effects, and a different style of gameplay while still retaining the ease and charm of its predecessor. Gluey 2 features twenty normal levels, as well as two unlockable stages.

Unlike the first Gluey, where the objective was to score over a set goal, the objective of Gluey 2 is to keep the blobs below the fill line of the container. In order to accomplish this, you must remove blobs from the container by clicking on them. Like-colored blobs may be combined to form larger blobs, which reward a higher score when removed. When a blob is removed, more blobs will be added to the container until the quota (displayed to the right of the screen) has been met. If you allow the blobs to reach the top of the container, you will have a limited amount of time (represented by an orange bar at the top of the container) to the blobs to a safe level, after which, you will lose the game!

Gluey 2 features more items and tricks than its predecessor, adding more challenge to this puzzle game! Locked blobs are back, and more deadly this time around because blobs that do not fall with the force of gravity may trap other blobs above the fill limit. Some blobs will change color over time, so you will have to time your removals carefully. There are also items that will help you, such as bombs that will clear all surrounding blobs regardless of color!

Gluey 2 is more challenging than its predecessor, but it can still be mastered. It is often best to remove the largest blobs, since they will increase your score by a larger quantity, as well as help you to reach the quota faster. Removing larger blobs that have bombs embedded within them will also cause a larger explosion, clearing more blobs and giving you more valuable breathing room. If the blobs reach the limit of the container, remember that you still have time to remove blobs before the orange bar fills. In this case, wildly clicking to remove blobs might actually save you. Gluey 2 is a puzzle game that rewards mental dexterity, but a fast mouse finger may be helpful too!

Gluey 2 is a puzzle game that retains the addictiveness of its predecessor while improving upon its gameplay. Fans of the first Gluey will once again be stuck to this game, while newcomers to the series will love the game for its high entertainment value!