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Hapland 2 Controls

Puzzle games are more about exploring, observing, and piecing things and events together. If you have played puzzle games before, or if you are familiar with the first installment of the Hapland series, then the control scheme shouldn't be surprising for you. It's anything BUT complicated. Just point and click, and you are good to go. What's far more important is knowing where you need to click and when. Let's have a closer look?

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So you are a puzzle games-nut? Have you gone gaga over the original Hapland game and you are looking for more? Well, the long wait is over - Hapland 2! This is a very fitting sequel in more ways than one. Just like the original bizarre and puzzle game, your objective is to unlock the stone portal somewhere within the game screen. It has many of the elements from the first game that we came to love. HOWEVER, it also has a lot of additional niceties. It showcases new puzzles, new challenges, and a whole lot more, which makes the "2" at the end of the game's name very much deserved.

Just like the previous Hapland game, you start knowing practically NOTHING. Heck! You are not even given any clear cut or step-by-step instruction on how to get that damn stone portal to open up. How's that for a puzzle game? I don't know about you BUT that sounds like an excellent way to step up the challenge.At least, you have a goal to aim for... and when playing puzzle games, that's about everything you need.

Without a doubt, Hapland and Hapland 2 will be 'classics' in the puzzle games genre... or better yet, in the whole casual gaming world. People will always look at it as one of the best point-and-click puzzle games. It throws nice elements of real time interaction as well as timing. Cause and effect plays an integral part in the game, especially when it comes to solving the mysteries you will find here. And to get the right effect that would trigger an event, you need to time your mouse clicks VERY well.

Just like in Hapland, you need the cooperation and help of other stick figures in the game. Do things right, and you will get the right reaction from them. BUT when you flunk it, something horrible will happen - the stick figure's head could end up being blown off; a stone could roll over him; and... well, I'll leave it to your morbid imagination. BUT don't worry. If you ever get stuck, you can always hit the reset button to start again. Not to mention you can kill the guy again in an equally bloody fashion. ? Anti-stick-figure-violence activists may find this offensive, BUT they will surely miss out.

"I have already seen these from the original Hapland, where are the niceties?" Cool! I'm glad you asked. The real time interaction along with the dead-end scenarios really took this game to another level. Unlike your average puzzle games, Hapland 2 is NOT static... even the position of the light bulb; whether the windows are open; the rock's location; etc. could GREATLY affect the game's outcome. And here's what: there are no-win scenarios in the game!

True, there's this unwritten rule of avoiding no-win situations in game designs. BUT apparently, Allen, the creator of the Hapland series, has a knack for going against the rules. And you better be thankful for that. With the no-win scenarios added, this game just got richer, more bizarre, and more challenging as a puzzle game.

As for the graphics and design, nothing much has changed. They are still clean, they are easy on the eyes, and more importantly, they fit the theme of the game. I think the same could be said with the audio or sound effects as well. BUT that's not where the 'meat' is at. It's within the puzzles and challenges. And believe me, the level of difficulty has doubled since the first release... something that puzzle games lovers could only be happy about!

A game that's easy to play BUT takes hours or even days to finish - this is Hapland 2! If that sounds like a good treat, then stop reading and dig in!