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Hapland 3 Controls

If you have played Hapland, Hapland 2, and other similarly themed puzzle games before, the control scheme of Hapland 3 should be very easy for you to handle. As long as you have a working mouse and as long as you know how to point and click, you can play this game. The HARDER part, however, is to know which elements to click and when. Known as the most challenging point-and-click flash based puzzle game, this game will surely keep you on your toes for the hours to come. Let's have a closer look...

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Hapland 3 Walkthrough

"Mix up a Haptacular magic potion, open the third and final stone portal, and declare yourself the Grand Savior of Hapland!"

This is your job description in the final installment of the EXTREMELY popular puzzle games series. The description alone leaves A LOT of questions that you need to answer. What's the Haptacular magic potion? What happens when the third and final portal is opened? And why does Hapland need a savior... from what do you need to save it from? Considered as the hardest point-and-click puzzle game around, many consider Hapland 3 to be almost unsolvable if you are going at it alone. And with the elements like timing (this one is very important), gravity, and momentum coming into play, it could take you days to think about what, on earth, is going on!

One way or another, you need to get hints from the author / game developer Robin Allen. And he does give you some tips at the beginning of the game: (1) If you find yourself stuck, find extra things you can click on. Yes, the cheesy strategy of 'click it until you get it' will help A LOT in Hapland 3. (2) You can often do things while something is going on. Read: you should multi-task baby! (3) 'Just how long do alien abductions take anyway?' Personally, I don't get this one. It seems that Robin Allen (and his twisted and imaginative mind) has a knack for cranking out riddles that leave puzzle games players and lovers either scratching their head or challenged.

Well, if you are looking for a walkthrough, you won't find it here. Walkthroughs are for losers as Robin Allen said. HOWEVER, if you are on the hunt for some hints and tips (nah, not the Robin Allen type of hint that sounds like a puzzle) that could make the game a notch or two easier, then you are at the RIGHT place. After playing the game for hours, there are some very important elements that I came to recognize... stuff that every Hapland 3 player should know about. Here they are:

The Crow - Together with the Spider, the Crow can make the ladder unroll.

The Rolling Stone Crate - Clicking the top of the crate makes it pop up... bumping the platform as a result. When you click on the left button, though, a ladder rolls out into the water, which kills the Lever Man. Clicking the right button rolls out a boulder which knocks down the floor. The center gear of the crate increases the boulder's speed. By the way, if it's moving fast, it won't kill the Lever Man.

The Mechanic - Nah, this isn't Jason Statham... this is the guy who gets zapped by the fallen UFO and dies. When it comes to repairing UFO pads, using the ladder, and riding the buggy or cart to get things done, the Mechanic sure knows his thing.

The Large Crate - Inside the large crate, you will find the cart or the buggy that the mechanic uses. Using the buggy / cart, you can catch the bomb that the machine spits out.

The Shield - Being a shield from top to bottom, this thing can deflect rocks hurled by the cannon into the basket. You can drop the shield to the lake and the beast will eat it. You can also drop it into the cave with the light.

The Carrots, on the other hand, should be eaten before you get inside house if you want the bomb machine. Why? For the life of me, I don't know. I can figure out how eating a carrot relates to the bomb machine. BUT trust me, you have to do it.

The Red Bomb - This explosive turns that slug that's blocking the circuit into smithereens. It can also blow up the little stick found in the cave. HOWEVER, throwing it into the water blows it up but does nothing constructive.

The Rock Cannon - As the name suggests, this cannon throws rocks... two rocks to be specific as well as a water activated bomb. You can bend it to change its angle... BUT don't overdo it. Bending it too much will break it.

I know... I know. A lot of what I mentioned above doesn't make sense if you haven't played Hapland 3 before. BUT figuring out the solution to that shouldn't be too hard: go play Hapland 3 and get your hands dirty! Find out why many puzzle games lovers are going nuts about this game. I would have to warn you, though, that once you start, it's really hard to stop!