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Home Sheep Home 2 Controls

Home Sheep Home 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the arrow keys to move the selected sheep. Click on the portraits in the upper-right corner to select which sheep to control. You may also use the 1, 2, and 3 number keys to select sheep.

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Home Sheep Home 2 Walkthrough

Home Sheep Home 2 is the sequel to the puzzle game, Home Sheep Home. Like its predecessor, Home Sheep Home 2 is based on the British stop-action television series, Shaun the Sheep. This puzzle game features hand-drawn graphics, twenty-seven achievements, three training levels, and fifteen new challenging levels in the main section of the game.

If you have not played the first Home Sheep Home or if you need a refresher, I advise you to play the training levels first. These levels will teach you the basic controls as well as help you learn how to use the abilities of each sheep to solve puzzles. If you want to unlock all of the achievements in this puzzle game, it is also necessary for you to complete the three training levels.

The objective of Home Sheep Home 2 is the same as the first Home Sheep Home, get all three sheep safely to the destination on each level. When all three sheep have made it to the goal, you will be able to advance to the next level. The faster you complete each level, the greater your score will be. If you score high enough, you will earn stars. You can earn up to three stars on each level for a total of forty-five stars. Your progress is saved upon the completion of each level, so you can continue from where you left off if you need to take a break or retry levels that you have already beaten to try to improve your score.

Aside from the time that it takes you to complete each level, you can also improve your score in Home Sheep Home 2 by collecting socks and underwear. There are twenty-nine socks and five pieces of underwear hidden throughout the levels of this puzzle game. If you want to unlock all of the achievements, you will have to find all of the items on each level.

Home Sheep Home 2 is an excellent sequel to the first Home Sheep Home and provides a greater challenge. If you are a fan of puzzle games, don't be "BAAshful"; give Home Sheep Home 2 a try!