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Ice Breaker Controls

Make cuts in the ice by clicking and dragging with the mouse and the left mouse button. Scroll to different parts of the screen using your mouse.

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Ice Breaker Walkthrough

Ice Breaker is an excellent online puzzle game in which you are the Viking Captain trying to rescue your men who are trapped in ice. As you progress in the game, there are more men to rescue and the challenges get harder and harder. If you are used to playing puzzle games of this type, you should have little difficulty understanding how the game is played, but understanding how to play and actually winning the game can be two completely different things. This is not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but the graphics are fun and entertaining and the challenge of the game is what makes it so addictive. You'll want to keep playing level after level, no matter how many times you have to reset the level you're on. The challenge to actually solve the puzzle and move on is a challenge that is impossible to resist. If you're easily frustrated, you may want to look at another game. If you love a good challenge and like using your brain to try to solve problems you have to give this one a shot.

The rules of Ice Breaker are fairly simple as is the goal. There are men trapped in ice and you need to save them by freeing them from their icy prisons and getting them to your ship. If there is more than one unfortunate soul trapped in ice, you will need to make sure you get all of them to safety before you can progress to the next level. All you need to do to get the men to your ship is cut the ice with your sword (make the cuts by clicking the screen where you want to begin making your cut and drag the line across where you want the cut to go. Release the mouse button to make the cut) and make sure any obstacles between your freed man and the ship are removed. It sounds easy, but it can actually be quite difficult. To begin with, you are only allowed 30 cuts in each level so you need to make your cuts wisely. In addition, making things even more difficult. You will sometimes need to fill holes in the ice using icicles from the top of the screen to make sure your trapped man doesn't fall in the hole. Other times you will need to make a careful cut to make sure your trapped man doesn't slide the wrong way and end up in the water. If one of your trapped men ends up in the water, your game is over.

The best way to do well in Ice Breaker is really the best way to do well in any of the puzzle games online that follow a similar premise. Think carefully before you make each and every move. In some cases, the answer will seem obvious, but that doesn't necessarily mean the obvious answer is the right one. Look at all the trapped men and try to plot out how each of your moves are going to affect the path each of the other trapped men will need to take to get to the ship. If you have two trapped men close to each other, make sure freeing the first man will not prevent you from being able to free the second man. In some cases, you will need to free the man in a specific order. Figure out what that order is so you won't have to worry about resetting the level because you didn't plan right.

In some cases in Ice Breaker, it will be necessary to cut larger chunks of ice into smaller pieces. Try to figure out how these smaller chunks will fall and where they will land. If you have a second man to free, make sure the smaller pieces will not prevent your second man from getting to the ship or you'll need to reset the level. In most of these cases, it's a good idea to free the second man and then start cutting the larger chunks of ice into smaller chunks. There are exceptions to this rule, but in general, this is the best way to complete the levels. Examine the problem first and determine if its the best solution to the problem at hand.

OVerall, Ice Breaker is an excellent online puzzle game with entertaining graphics and challenging levels that will hold your attention the whole way through the game. This is one of the more challenging puzzle games online so it's perfect for anyone who loves to really put themselves to the test. Newcomers to the puzzle game genre may have a bit of a hard time picking up how the game is played, but with a little patience and practice, you'll get the hang of it. This is a great game that is well worth playing.