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Almost all puzzle games have very easy to handle and straightforward control schemes... and Incredibots is NOT an exception. Being one of the more popular physics-based puzzle games on the face of the planet, all you need to do is point and click. From drawing the lines that create your robot and the surroundings he's in; bringing life to your robot and making move; clicking buttons; etc. - these are all done entirely with your mouse.

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I'm NOT too sure why but physics-based puzzle games and drawing games are VERY appealing. Perhaps it's the human desire to create that fuels this fascination. Anyway, if you are one of the HUGE fans of these games... the likes of Phun, Line Rider, and Fantastic Corporation, then you are in for a treat.

Incredibots! Just like in the games I have mentioned, the premise in Incredibots is quite straightforward: you are given simple and easy to use tools, and after that, it's all up to you to make the most out of these tools.

Let your imagination run wild! Allow your creative impulses to take over! These tools maybe simple, BUT when you combine their potential... you are almost guaranteed to come up with something GREAT. Draw shapes with these tools; connect them using joints; change their basic properties according to your liking; and with a little bit of patience (and a healthy dose of trial and error), you can create a living and fully functional robot that can do your bidding. Your imagination is the only limit!

What made things even sweeter in Incredibots is that you can make movies using your robots! You can add texts and dialogues; change the surroundings; and more importantly, you can share your movies with fans of Incredibots and of the puzzle games genre. YES, this is one of those puzzle games that tout enormous 'doses' of flexibility. BUT since it might be way too flexible for newcomers, I think you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the tools and options you have in your Incredibots box. And here, the game has you covered. There's a host of tutorials that will show you the ropes. Spending a couple of minutes on the tutorials will familiarize you on the basics... and you should be on your way to create your own robots and movies in no time!

Now, if you are someone who likes to surpass a couple of challenges (and maybe go back to the bot-creation thingy later), then no problem. Incredibots showcases a set of challenging tasks. The actions involved in these tasks are quite varied. Some would require you to move objects around. In another challenge, you may find you and your robot climbing obstacles and racing through courses. Some tasks will challenge you to build catapults, and those are just to name a few.

It's hard not to have fun with Incredibots. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned puzzle games lover, it has something that you will surely LOVE. There is little doubt, however, that most of the fun is at the Sandbox Mode. This is where you start with a blank template; play as the god in your own small world of Incredibots; and create something out of nothing.

After playing the game for quite some time, I realized that there are 2 IMPORTANT components you should understand well: (1) The shapes and (2) the joints that piece them together. These starting blocks will lead to the creation of your own world. With the help of the menu located on the top part of the game's screen, you will draw your rectangles, circles, triangles, or whatever polygon your imaginative mind could create. All you need to do is use your mouse. Once you are done with the shape creation, it's time to piece them together with the selection of joints available. There are 3 joints to choose from - there are rotating joints, fixed joints, and sliding joints. I won't explain in detail how each joint works since you can easily check out the in-game tutorials.

Back to the shapes, you can change the attributes and properties such as weight, density, and everything else in between. Just click on the shape and you are good to go. BUT be careful. These properties affect your creation when it comes to life... so you better know what you are doing.

Done? OK! This is where the fun part begins. A robot that could stand is good. HOWEVER, a robot that is blessed with the power of movement is infinitely better! So what do you do? Simple, just click on the joints, which allows you to enable the motor... the motor will power the joint and make it move. You can even adjust the speed that the joint and motor operates on.

Once you are done with your robot or structure, once you have installed the motors and joints, there's only one thing left for you to do... and that is to sit back, relax, and enjoy as your creation comes to life.