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Isoball Controls

Isoball is controlled by using the mouse. Click on item buttons to place items of that type. Repeatedly click on item buttons to rotate items. Click on the playing field to place items.

  • Rating: 3.67/5

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Isoball Walkthrough

Isoball is a puzzle game played from an isometric perspective. Isoball features lovely isometric graphics, great music, simple controls, twenty levels, and five bonus levels.

The objective of Isoball is to get the ball into the hole before time runes out. To accomplish this goal, you must orient and place objects such as blocks and wedges on the stage to guide the ball into the hole. When you are satisfied with the course that you have created, click the start button in the lower-right corner of the screen to put the ball in motion. If the ball breaks or you fail to get the ball into the hole, you will have to try again. Your time will not reset and the clock will still be ticking, if you fail or reset the level. Your game is automatically saved at the end of each level in this puzzle game, but you will have to pass checkpoints every four levels to be able to resume gameplay from any level that came before the checkpoint.

Each level of Isoball grades your performance based on time, the pieces that you used, and the skill of your performance. The faster that you complete each level, the higher your time bonus will be. Unlike most puzzle games that reward you for having leftover pieces, Isoball rewards you for using all of the pieces available to you. The skill bonus is determined by how many times the ball breaks. If you manage to complete the level without the ball breaking once, you will get a perfect score in the skill category.

If you manage to get a perfect grade in all three categories in each of the four levels on a row, you will unlock a bonus level. If you fail to get perfect scores across the board the first time that you play, you can always come back later and try again. Remember that you will have to pass checkpoints in order to retry levels in the previous row, however.

Isoball is a great puzzle game with simple controls, a concept that is easy to understand, and challenging gameplay. The only major gripe that some players may have is the checkpoint save system which is a bit counter intuitive. Despite this flaw, fans of puzzle games will enjoy Isoball!