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Junk Bot Controls

Junk Bot is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag bricks to place them into the desired position.

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Junk Bot Walkthrough

One man's trash is another man's treasure, but in Junk Bot, an addictive Shockwave puzzle game, man's trash is a robot's dinner! This puzzle game features colorful graphics, simple controls, and sixty levels.

The objective of Junk Bot is to guide the robot to trash bins so that he can eat them. In order to complete each level, all trash bins must be devoured. There are four buildings to clear of trash in this puzzle game. Once you have completed ten of fifteen levels in one building, you may advance to the next. Unfortunately, your progress is not saved, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

You do not have direct control over the robot in Junk Bot. Instead, you must move Lego bricks into position to make a path that will lead him to the trash bins. The robot will move in one direction and continue to move in that direction until he reaches a wall that he cannot climb or a gap that he cannot cross. This means that if you want the robot to change directions, you will have to move bricks so that a wall or gap is formed. If you want to help the robot clear an obstacle or hazard, you will have to build stairs. You can move bricks as many times as you want, but the fewer moves you use, the better. If you are able to complete the level in the par number of moves or fewer, you will earn gold awards. If you are up for a challenge, see if you can earn a gold award on each level!

Junk Bot is a superb puzzle game that fans of the genre will certainly appreciate. The only problem is that your progress is not saved, so you will have to complete the game in one session, or deal with starting from the beginning the next time that you play. If you have the time or don't mind starting from scratch, then Junk Bot is worth giving a play!