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Light-Bot Controls

Light-Bot is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag commands into slots to program the robot, then click the button labeled "Go!" to make the robot execute your commands.

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Light-Bot Walkthrough

Light-Bot is a programming-based puzzle game created by Coolio-Niato. Don't worry, you do not have to know Java, C++, or any other programming language to enjoy Light-Bot, but you will have to use your brain! This puzzle game features great isometric graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Light-Bot is to illuminate all blue tiles on the level. To accomplish this goal, you will have to program your robot to navigate to each blue square, then light them up. You will not have to use an IDE or console to type in commands, so if you are not a programming guru, don't worry (although some conceptual programming knowledge may help). Instead, the mouse is used to click and drag commands into the method that your robot will execute. Once you are finished, click the Go button at the bottom of the screen to make your robot execute your commands. If you need to fine-tune your program, click the Stop button, make the necessary changes to the routine, and click the Go button again to see if your changes worked.

You are only allowed twelve commands in the main method of your program, but some levels of this puzzle game require more. Never fear, functions are here! You can program two functions of up to eight commands each. These functions can then be used in your main method, taking only one command slot for each function called. You can also call functions within functions if you need even more space. Not only are functions great for saving space on your main list of commands, but they are also great for when you need your robot to repeat groups of actions.

Due to its isometric presentation, Light-Bot is a great exercise in visual-spatial processing. Visualizing the stage from the perspective of the robot helps tremendously. Logic and problem-solving skills are also crucial to reach your goal in this puzzle game. Finally, trial-and-error techniques, which fall under deductive reasoning, may also be useful for some players.

Light-Bot is an outstanding puzzle game with the winning combination: simple controls and challenging gameplay! Whether you are a programming guru or a casual puzzle gamer, you will have a fun, brain-exercising time playing Light-Bot!