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Little Farm Controls

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and submit groups of vegetables.

  • Rating: 4.24/5

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Little Farm Walkthrough

Little Farm is an excellent online puzzle game that puts you in the role of the farmer who is harvesting crops to take to market. You need to fill your trucks with the crop shown on them and do so before time runs out. This isn't an overly difficult game, but it is a lot of fun. The rules and controls you use to play the game are fairly simple, but in this case, a bigger might have an easier time getting the hang of the game. Someone who is used to playing puzzle games online is likely going to be used to the point and click controls, but in this game, they're used slightly differently. Getting used to that difference may take a little time.

The goal in Little Farm is simple - load your trucks with a certain crop to get that truck ready to go to market. To do this, you simply have to make groups of four or more of the same type of crop. If you've ever played puzzle games, this objective likely isn't new to you. However, the way you make your combinations and the combinations you can use are very different than the way you make and use combinations in other online puzzle games. Instead of looking for four of the same crop touching each other on at least one side, you are looking for four crops you can group together with a square or rectangle. These crops do not have to be touching each other and can have as many different crops separating them as room will allow. There are only two rules you have to go by when making your square or rectangle. The same crop much be used in each corner of the square or rectangle and each side of the formation much be straight across or straight up and down. The crops in the center of the square or rectangle you make do not all have to be the same either, as long as the four crops on the outer edges are the same, you can use the formation. For example, you can have a group comprised of tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins in any order, as long as the crops in the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right corners are four cucumbers, four tomatoes or four pumpkins. It sounds a bit complicated, but you'll get the hang of it rather quickly.

To make your squares or rectangles, you will click on one of the four corner crops you want to use to make the formation. Let's say you see four tomatoes that can be connected with a square. Click on one of the four tomatoes in any of the corners of the formation you want to make. For this example, we'll say you started with the top left corner tomato. Move your mouse over to the next tomato in the formation. You can choose either the bottom left tomato or the top right tomato. Let's say, the bottom left tomato is the one you chose. Move your mouse along the bottom row of the formation until you get to the bottom right tomato. You'll now see you have the outline of your square. If you are able to use the square you've created (all of the four corner crops are the same) the outline will show watering cans instead of a dotted line. Click on the bottom right tomato and harvest your crops! The bigger the formation, the more crops you harvest and the faster you fill your truck. If you make the best combination you could've made on the board, you'll get bonus points. Later in the game, you'll also have the chance to find 'Lost Coins' which will show you the best combinations on the board five times in a row allowing you to get the 'best combination' bonus five times in a row. You will also unlock the butterfly bonus later in the game which can greatly improve your chances of getting a high score. You get the butterfly bonus when you collect a crop that has a butterfly on it. Be quick if you want the bonus though. Butterflies don't stay on crops for long. In addition to the butterfly and lost coin bonuses, you can also get 'wild cards'. You get wild cards for making two or more combinations in quick succession. The wild card can be used in place of any crop.

Little Farm makes things a little more difficult with the addition of bugs and rain clouds. You will need to click on bugs and rain clouds as soon as they appear or you risk losing the crop they are placed on. This makes finding and building combinations much more quickly. If you really enjoy the game, you can purchase coins and buy helpful upgrades, but in the free version of the game, these upgrades are not available to you. In reality, they're not overly necessary. Bugs are annoying as you have to click on them on two different crops to remove them from the game board, but it isn't really all that difficult to do. Rain clouds only need to be clicked on once. They make the game more challenging but not impossible.

Overall, Little Farm is an engrossing, entertaining puzzle game that will provide you with a great way to kill a little time. If you're looking for a real challenge, it might be best to consider another game, but if you're just looking to have a little fun, give this game a try.