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Lull Them All Controls

Lull Them All is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and drag objects by using your mouse. The arrow keys, A and D keys, or mouse wheel may be used to rotate objects.

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Lull Them All Walkthrough

Babysitting can be a tough job. You have to look after kids, make sure that you don't get in trouble with their parents, and most importantly, get them to bed on time! Lull Them All is a puzzle game that teaches us new ways of making sure that those tykes get to sleep. This physics game features cartoonish graphics, an easy-to-use control scheme, and twenty levels.

In Lull Them All, your objective is to get all of the kids to sleep before the timer runs out. Keeping in tune with modern society, kids do not need to be held or cradled to sleep. Instead, all that you need to do is drop the right objects to the child, and they will go to sleep. Materialism starts younger and younger these days, doesn't it?

Most levels of this puzzle game require you to purchase the items that you need. It should be the parents' responsibility to buy things for their kids, not a babysitter's, but hopefully it will pay off, right? To purchase items, click the button in the lower-right region of the screen that is labeled with a dollar symbol ($). The uses of each item are given in the shop's item description, so you will not have to fill your inventory trying to figure out what works for each type of child. Items that you do not use on one level are carried over to the next in this physics game.

In Lull Them All, you can only drop items from the drop area (the shaded area bounded by dotted lines). If you need an item to land somewhere that is not directly beneath the drop area, you will have to look for a way to cause the item to end up in the desired location, such as a slope or some movable object. Rotating the item (by using the arrow keys, A and D keys, or mouse wheel) may also help. Some of the levels can get very tricky, so if you get stuck, remember that you can use the restart button (the second button in the lower-left) to reset the level. Speaking of levels, some of the levels in this physics game do not seem like appropriate places for young children to sleep; maybe there should be an items to call Child Protective Services!

Lull Them All may not be the best babysitting simulator, but it is an entertaining puzzle game. Fans of puzzle games and casual physics games will enjoy Lull Them All!